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Remote Trial Considerations: Juries, Witnesses & Evidence


Created on April 15, 2021





Remote (or "virtual") trials will proceed through the pandemic. These trials might be conducted for both civil and criminal matters and may be conducted with or without a jury. Jury trial will likely require the remote examination of potential jurors. Moreover, witnesses will likely be questioned and evidence introduced remotely. This course will examine what a remote trial might "look like" and how lawyers should prepare to conduct remote trials. The course will consider the pros and cons of nonjury vs. jury remote trials, how voir dire of a jury venire might be conducted, and what might be effective methods to present and cross-examine witnesses and address evidence during a remote trial.

Learning Objectives:

    1. Appreciate questions that should be asked about how a remote trial would be conducted
    2. Discuss considerations when deciding whether to proceed with or without a jury
    3. Recognize how to conduct an effective examination of prospective jurors
    4. Identify how best to deal with witnesses and evidence in a remote trial

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