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Recovering and Defending Personal Injury Damages Claims in California (Audio Only)


Created on January 31, 2018




Join seasoned trial attorney Cherie Enge as she presents an overview of personal injury damages in California, and how to recover or defend against such claims.

The program will begin by reviewing the California laws affecting economic damages, limitations on economic damages, and relevant case law, with a close look at California Supreme Court case Howell v. Hamilton Meats and its progeny. Next, Enge will discuss non-economic damages and their limitations. Other topics of discussion will include recent trends in damage cases, tips for maximizing recovery, and punitive damages.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain an overview of the types of damages available in personal injury claims, and understand the limitations on those claims
  2. Develop best practices for maximizing damages recovery
  3. Review recent trends in arguing for or against damages
  4. Examine the elements of punitive damages

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