Recent Developments in New Jersey Real Estate Law 2018

Production Date: March 12, 2018 Practice Areas: Real Estate Estimated Length: 3152 minutes


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In New Jersey, Real Estate Law has various nuances from time to time. This course, presented by real estate attorney Rhonda Eiger, will discuss recent developments in the following areas of the law: the Bulk Sales Act, the New Jersey State Inheritance and Estate Tax Law, and legal issues raised by Bianchi v. Ladjen, currently pending before the Appellate Division. For each of these topics, Eiger will explore their impact on residential real estate closings. Procedures used during closings, the role of title companies, and expert opinions will also be discussed. This course will benefit attorneys who regularly practice real estate law in New Jersey, as well as those with any interest, personal or professional, in residential real estate.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Analyze recent developments in the Bulk Sales Act as it relates to residential real estate
  2. Examine expectations of the real estate attorney
  3. Discuss 2018 changes to the NJ Inheritance and Estate Tax, and their impact on residential real estate