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Recent Developments in Clean Air Act Law (2020 Update)


Created on June 15, 2020




This course, taught by Sidley Austin LLP partner David Buente and Benjamin Tannen, a senior staff attorney in the Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.'s Law Department's environmental group, will provide an overview of recent developments in federal Clean Air Act law. The program will analyze key topics related to Title I stationary sources, including proposed and finalized regulatory changes and guidance in areas such as Section 111 climate change regulations, the New Source Review Program, the Risk Management Program, and others. The course will also discuss recent developments related to Title II mobile sources, including vehicular fuel economy standards, the Trump Administration's withdrawal of California's waiver to set its own vehicular greenhouse gas emissions standards, and enforcement trends, including against defeat devices. Finally, the program will cover recent litigation related to these regulatory changes.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the current Administration's impact on several key Clean Air Act programs
  2. Analyze how litigation over the Administration's changes to Clean Air Act programs might affect the success of those changes
  3. Describe recent shifts in the Clean Air Act enforcement priorities 

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