Reality Television: Copyright Issues and Participant Contracts

Production Date: November 24, 2014 Practice Areas: Contract Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Sports & Entertainment Law Estimated Length: 3921 minutes


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Join attorneys Amy Goldsmith and Ethan Bordman for this timely and entertaining program on the legalities of reality television.


In this course, Ms. Goldsmith focuses on the copyrightable elements of reality television, from scripts to the finished product, and explains what parts are copyrightable and which are not.  She also presents several well-known cases where “copycat” shows were litigated and their outcomes (“Survivor,” “The Apprentice”), including current unresolved matters, such as the allegations of copyright infringement involving feature film Elysium and Univision’s Q’Viva! The Chosen. 


Additionally, entertainment attorney Ethan Bordman presents contractual and other issues that have arisen in popular shows (“The Bachelor,” “Storage Wars,” and“Duck Dynasty") and considerations for individuals who participate in these programs.  He also explains why “unscripted” television does not always mean “unwritten.” 


Learning Objectives: 

I.   Know your rights: understand content ownership, what is copyrightable and what isn’t protectible 

II.  Understand how production companies work and implement standard content transfer policies 

III. Grasp the unique clauses in Reality Television Contracts 

IV. Recognize aspects that affect programming  



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Informative and very good overall.

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Great course.

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interesting and timely.

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Very well done.

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the dual instructor concept was a first-I thought that Ethan Bordman's presentation was good and Amy Goldsmith's presentation very informative. I will look up the 9th Circuit case outcome

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very interesting subject area, should have been longer.

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Interesting to hear how things are moving away from reality shows and more to scripted due to syndication/repeats, did not know of the trend

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I really enjoyed the contract segment of this course. But both speakers did a good job.

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Both instructors were good in my opinion. I liked them each.

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