NY Real Estate Transactions: The 48 Hour Contract Signing

Production Date: May 20, 2014 Practice Areas: Contract Law and Real Estate Estimated Length: 3884 minutes


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The beginning of the real estate contract process is often the most stressful for all parties involved. The client wants to have contracts signed, the brokers are calling non-stop and the attorney needs to make changes and do their due diligence. Often, this process can take 7 or more days before everything is completed.


Join returning Lawline faculty and attorney, Daniel Gershburg, Everbank Vice President, Mortgage Area Sales Manager, James S. Dorcely, and TitleVest Managing Director, Client Services, James Melnichok as they explore better ways to service clients and conduct the due diligence required. The presenters teach practitioners the most common changes that are made in a Real Estate Contract of Sale and the most prevalent things to look out for from both a title and lender perspective.


This presentation seeks to allow attorneys to turn around contracts quicker while continuing to effectively represent the client and ensure duties are properly fulfilled.


Learning Objectives:  

I.    Understand the most common changes made to a Contract of Sale

II.   Grasp Due Diligence for co-ops and condos

III.  Avoid typical errors attorneys make in a Contract of Sale

IV.  Identify how to help the lender get what they need to close faster

V.   Utilize a title company successfully and effectively



Twanna S.
Manhattan, NY

Phenomenal course!

Hubert L.
Manhattan, NY

Very practical advice and gives a great picture of the complexities and timing pressures in real estate transactions.

Sharon K.
South Jamesport, NY

Excellent Presentation.

Lawrence C.

Very well presented.

Jay L.
New Milford, CT

well done!

David K.
Brooklyn, NY

Good presentation.

Patrick C.
Roslyn Heights, NY

pulls all the loose ends of a closing together to make them work more quickly and efficiently. Great practical course

Deborah H.
Syosset, NY

Very elementary

Jonathan S.
South Salem, NY

good info.

William S.
New Hyde Park, NY

Great presentation, enjoyed the open forum among the presenters.

Jamie N.
Armonk, NY

Excellent practical advice.

Dan H.
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

On target and useful.

Daniel M.
Hicksville, NY

good insight

Seth F.
New York, NY

A very nice summary of the process

Melissa K.
Commack, NY

This ione really terrific seminar for residential real estate attys, especially on the topic of coops.

Carol T.
Peekskill, NY

Very informative

Sonia B.
New York, NY

Very informative and practical

Laurie L.
White Plains, NY


Trisha D.
nesconset, NY

Very good

Marie A M.
New York, NY

Did a great job of nailing all important issues in signing real estate contracts.

kelly w.
Mamaroneck, NY

These speakers, in a discussion format, were great. Very thorough.

Leslie J.
Queens, NY

this is a very interesting group with fresh clear ideas of how a team can help our client reach the objective within a short time frame

William M.
Wilton, CT

It provided an interesting perspective on how to move a transaction along, while properly protecting a buyer's rights.

Henry G.
Armonk, NY

Excellent informative course.

Thomas L.
Allentown, PA

Good, practical program.

Anthony B.
New York, NY

Excellent course

James A. H.
Williamsville, NY

primarily geared to NYC market not as relevant upstate

John C.
New York, NY

Course was thorough and relevant.

Simon S.
brooklyn, NY

Great practical experience regarding an area of law I will soon be practicing in.