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NY Real Estate Transactions: The 48 Hour Contract Signing

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Produced on May 20, 2014

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Time 64 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

The beginning of the real estate contract process is often the most stressful for all parties involved. The client wants to have contracts signed, the brokers are calling non-stop and the attorney needs to make changes and do their due diligence. Often, this process can take 7 or more days before everything is completed.


Join returning Lawline faculty and attorney, Daniel Gershburg, Everbank Vice President, Mortgage Area Sales Manager, James S. Dorcely, and TitleVest Managing Director, Client Services, James Melnichok as they explore better ways to service clients and conduct the due diligence required. The presenters teach practitioners the most common changes that are made in a Real Estate Contract of Sale and the most prevalent things to look out for from both a title and lender perspective.


This presentation seeks to allow attorneys to turn around contracts quicker while continuing to effectively represent the client and ensure duties are properly fulfilled.


Learning Objectives:  

I.    Understand the most common changes made to a Contract of Sale

II.   Grasp Due Diligence for co-ops and condos

III.  Avoid typical errors attorneys make in a Contract of Sale

IV.  Identify how to help the lender get what they need to close faster

V.   Utilize a title company successfully and effectively



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Daniel Gershburg

Gershburg Law


Daniel Gershburg took a different road when graduating from law school. While he was a member of the Law Review and the Harlan Scholars program, Mr. Gershburg passed up the opportunity to work at large law firms and instead decided to establish his own practice, with the hope of changing the way small practice attorneys are viewed. His practice deals specifically with Bankruptcy and Real Estate Law. Mr. Gershburg has spoken to classes at New York Law School, has been published in New York State Bar Association newsletters, and also serves on the New York State Bar Association Young Lawyers Division Executive Committee. He frequently speaks at community functions in his Brooklyn neighborhood educating members of the community about Bankruptcy as well as financial advocacy. Mr. Gershburg also spends a considerable amount of pro bono time volunteering at the Brooklyn Bar Assocation Volunteer Lawyers Project, assisting low income individuals to file for Bankruptcy. 

James Melnichok


James Melnichok engages with new and existing clients by introducing them to TitleVest’s products and services, while exploring opportunities to bring value to relationships through strategic introductions and client specific networking. TitleVest, voted the Best Title Agency by the New York Law Journal, is a full-service title insurance agency and is a policy-issuing agent for six of the nation's largest and highest-rated title insurance underwriters: First American Title Insurance Company, Chicago Title Insurance Company, Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, Stewart Title Insurance Company and Old Republic National Title Insurance Company. 


In addition, TitleVest offers many unique offerings including:


  • ACRISasap™, is a patented, web-based tool that streamlines the creation of NYC/NYS transfer tax documents, cutting the processing time by 90%
  • Interactive Online Report™, an interactive portal for reviewing title reports and managing the pre-closing, closing and post-closing process
  • Coop/Condo Offering Plan Library is the most convenient way to obtain and review nearly 6,000 condo and cooperative offering plans
  • Coop/Condo Due Diligence provides real estate attorneys who representing buyers of cooperative apartment and condominium units with a transcript of abstract of any reference to over 50 relevant issues in the minutes of the Board of Directors and Annual Shareholders meeting
  • Continuing Education Classes for Real Estate Brokers and Agents taught by some of the industry’s most respected real estate attorneys and mortgage professionals
  • James has held prior positions in the fields of public relations and marketing at Co-Communications, Inc., and The Berman Group, both New York City based full service communications agencies. 


  • Bachelor of Science in Communications
  • The University of Tennessee, 1998 – 2002


  • Gotham Real Estate Chapter
  • Metropolitan Business Network
  • Urban Land Institute


James S. Dorcely


James S. Dorcely has worked for 13 years in the NYC real estate market and is widely recognized as being among the best mortgage lending professionals anywhere. He is a Vice President, Mortgage Area Sales Manager at EverBank where he oversees secured lending regarding residential mortgages for the Manhattan & Brooklyn market. James entered banking and finance as a stock and bond broker on Wall Street. In 2001, he transitioned into mortgages when he began working for Bank of New York Mortgage.

Subsequently, James also has managed mortgage sales professionals covering the Manhattan market at, CitiBank, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America, and was also involved in increasing share of mortgage market share for Wachovia & MetLife Home Loans in the NYC real estate market. Because of his mortgage sales and lending expertise and emphatic customer-centric approach to the business, many leaders in the Manhattan real estate market have regularly turned to him for residential financing knowledge and advice.

As a leader, James proudly encourages his sales team to adopt his personal mantra of delivering a great customer experience on every transaction and seeking to match his reputation as “the guy that can get it done.” Moreover, James brings a wealth of knowledge to EverBank in the arenas of condominium and coop approval process as well as community lending, FHA and Jumbo mortgage programs.


Twanna S.

Phenomenal course!

Hubert L.

Very practical advice and gives a great picture of the complexities and timing pressures in real estate transactions.

Sharon K.

Excellent Presentation.

Lawrence C.

Very well presented.

Jay L.

well done!

David K.

Good presentation.

Patrick C.

pulls all the loose ends of a closing together to make them work more quickly and efficiently. Great practical course

Deborah H.

Very elementary

Jonathan S.

good info.

William S.

Great presentation, enjoyed the open forum among the presenters.

Jamie N.

Excellent practical advice.

Dan H.

On target and useful.

Daniel M.

good insight

Seth F.

A very nice summary of the process

Melissa K.

This ione really terrific seminar for residential real estate attys, especially on the topic of coops.

Carol T.

Very informative

Sonia B.

Very informative and practical

Laurie L.


Trisha D.

Very good

Marie A M.

Did a great job of nailing all important issues in signing real estate contracts.

kelly w.

These speakers, in a discussion format, were great. Very thorough.

Leslie J.

this is a very interesting group with fresh clear ideas of how a team can help our client reach the objective within a short time frame

William M.

It provided an interesting perspective on how to move a transaction along, while properly protecting a buyer's rights.

Henry G.

Excellent informative course.

Thomas L.

Good, practical program.

Anthony B.

Excellent course

James A. H.

primarily geared to NYC market not as relevant upstate

John C.

Course was thorough and relevant.

Simon S.

Great practical experience regarding an area of law I will soon be practicing in.

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