Real Estate Leasing Issues in Corporate Transactions

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Produced on: July 06, 2017

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Time 91 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate
All merger and acquisition transactions involve some component of real estate, and generally, it is the leased real estate of the target entity. The corporate lawyer (and the transaction at hand) will be well served by involving the real estate lawyer at an early stage to allow for proper due diligence with respect to the target company’s real estate leases. The type and extent of review will depend on many factors, including whether the size and scope of the target entity’s real estate portfolio, and whether the transaction is a stock or asset purchase.  

This course, presented by real estate attorney Amol Pachnanda, will help the beginner and the experienced practitioner identify and understand the significant real estate leasing due diligence issues inherent in merger and acquisition transactions. Questions and topics to be covered include: (i) whether expansion, termination, and renewal options are only available to the tenant originally named in the lease; (ii) whether abandonment or vacancy of the lease premises an event of default; (iii) end of term restoration and repair obligations; (iv) restrictions regarding the use of the premises; and (v) assignment and subletting issues.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the framework of the corporate transaction that you as the real estate attorney is being asked to assist with
  2. Review the leases to identify issues that can affect the continued tenancy
  3. Outline practical tips on how to resolve lease issues
  4. Get in the mindset of negotiating leases with the thought that the business will be sold


Amol Pachnanda

Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti, LLP

Amol Pachnanda concentrates his practice in representing landlords and tenants in their leasing of space nationwide. He understands the issues facing landlords and tenants in large- and small-scale leasing for office and retail uses and as a result is able to achieve the desired results for his clients in an innovative and cost-effective manner. Amol also has experience in representing clients in the acquisition, disposition and financing of commercial and multi-family properties throughout the United States.


John H.

Excellent program.

Tom H.

Very well done and informative.

Cole C.

I liked the reverse triangle merger, never heard of that before.

Eric G.

Hit all the hot buttons

Frances M.

This was a very good refresher for me.

Christina L.

i like this presenter a lot

Nicholas A.

Good Presenter

Richard H.

Great Program.

Gary D.

Very good basic reminders of issues in lease negotiations and drafting.

Gerardo D.


Elizabeth J.

Very comprehensive

Myles H.

Thoroughly covers issues.

Miles H.

Best course

Bradley G.

nice lecture - good flow of information

Leo G.

I would love to see several more presentations by this lawyer on commercial leasing. This is the most relevant video I've seen on lawline for my practice.

Lori K.

great program!

Jeffrey S.

excellent commentary

Barbara E.

organized and informative

Douglas B.

I loved his comment about unlimited candy if he showed the Lawlines logo on the coffee cup - priceless!

mark f.

Really liked this one. Very thorough presentation

Alexander F.

useful, but would have preferred more war stories and examples of what to avoid.

Donna W.

The materials are so useful and practical. The speaker held my attention and demonstrated tremendous knowledge.

abrar q.


Holly J.

very well done

Ann L.

best course, well organized, good information and well presented

Stuart H.

Very helpful

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