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Putting the Trade in Trademark: Adapting Successful Business Strategies from Recent Trademark Litigation

1h 8m

Created on October 15, 2021





When a potential or current client comes to you to register their trademark, your understanding of recent trademark decisions and trends is crucial to providing effective counsel with potential litigation in mind. What do you need to ensure your client is best protected? What is your strategy? Where is trademark law trending? 

Recent legislation and decisions have shaped developments in trademark practice from registration to enforcement. Some of these key decisions will impact how trademark attorneys - and business counselors - practice in this space. This course will enable attorneys to develop a strategy that gives their clients the best chance of success at obtaining strong federal trademark protection.

This program will benefit business attorneys and trademark practitioners. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the relevant laws and key trademark decisions in the federal circuit and Supreme Court and Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), and analyze their impact on trademark practice 

  2. Discuss recent trends in prosecution and enforcement

  3. Recognize potential pitfalls in trademark registration, prosecution, and practice

  4. Predict how these changes will affect future trademark practice

  5. Discuss business-savvy trademark strategies going forward

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