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Protecting the Home and "Aging in Place"

1h 1m

Created on September 07, 2018



Aging in place is a common wish among seniors. Assisting clients with a plan to age in place requires strategic planning, asset protection and working with a team of professionals to seamlessly aid clients in protecting their assets.

This course, presented by Elder Law attorney Melissa Negrin-Wiener, Financial Advisor Katie Coleman, Insurance Specialist Oren Wiener, and Reverse Mortgage Specialist Frank Melia, offers a comprehensive view on the following learning objectives.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine common obstacles elder law practitioners encounter when assisting a client in downsizing, paying for care, and protecting the family home, with a focus on New York law
  2. Analyze some of the classic planning techniques used by financial planners with regard to planning for long term care
  3. Review insurance issues with regard to the family home and aging in place
  4. Explore the use of reverse mortgages as a tool to age in place

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