Protecting Sound, Design, and Color: The Emerging Role of Non-Traditional Trademarks In Today’s Connected World

Production Date: October 27, 2017 Practice Areas: Intellectual Property Law and Trademark Law Estimated Length: 3815 minutes


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The revolution of the “Internet of Things” has ushered in a new frontier of branding opportunities for trademark owners. In today’s increasingly connected world, where wearables, self-driving cars, health-tracking devices, and home automation “hubs” allow consumers to interact with their environment and with each other, brand owners can and should seek to identify their goods and services in new and novel manners, through sound, design, color, feel, and even smell.

In this program, trademark expert (and conservatory-trained musician) Kelly Donohue will discuss how to identify, register, and protect non-traditional trademarks. The program will begin with a quick overview of trademark law generally, including the purpose and significance of trademarks and how they can play a significant role in a company’s business strategy. It will then cover the types of non-traditional trademarks that can be protected, with examples of each, a discussion of legal issues to be considered, and an overview of clearance and registration strategies.   

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the importance and legal underpinnings of trademarks generally
  2. Review types of non-traditional trademarks
  3. Examine legal issues relating to registration and protection of non-traditional trademarks

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Cool topic. Nontraditional marks are a natural consequence of advertising and the future in trying to capture and combat for what little consciousness is left in the mind of the modern consumer.

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