Protecting Free Expression and the First Amendment at our Nation's Colleges and Universities (Update)

Production Date: September 30, 2015 Practice Areas: Constitutional Law and Public Interest Law Estimated Length: 3608 minutes


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In this program, join Will Creeley, Director of Legal and Public Advocacy for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, as he provides an in-depth examination of the state of the law on freedom of speech today on college campuses. The course discusses the decades of precedential case law from the Supreme Court and lower courts upholding First Amendment protections on college campuses. Mr. Creeley provides detailed examination of the differences between public and private universities, and includes a discussion on high schools.  Don't miss this comprehensive First Amendment breakdown.


Learning Objectives:

I.    Understand the importance of freedom of expression at public universities

II.   Recognize how freedom of expression differs between public and private universities

III.  Identify distinctions between speech in high schools and universities

IV.  Summarize speech codes

V.   Describe common mistakes in campus speech policies

Andrew L.
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Great course.

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Well done and timely topic with excellent references

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EXCELLENT program!

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Excellent, interesting presentation!

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Great to learn about FIRE - doing some much needed work.

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I have taken any courses online over the last six years. This is perhaps the single best class that I have taken. Cannot recommend more.

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Course and instructor were GREAT! FIRE top notch!

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Excellent, very interesting and extremely relevant right now. Thank you. Highly recommend.

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Outstanding, simple and clear presentation on a timely subject. One of your best.

Patricia K.
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Excellent. Full Examples and images. Very helpful with citations and articulating the differences between public and private universities and universities and high schools.

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Great speaker. Extremely interesting material.

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Fantastic program. The speaker's knowledge and enthusiasm made it riveting.

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Excellent presentation regarding important First Amendment issues.

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One of the best CLEs I've ever taken. Superbly done, and on an incredibly important topic. Highest recommendation.

gretal t.
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Very informative - thank you!

John M.
Montross, VA

very good presenter

Bhavik P.
Arlington, VA

Great coverage of existing caselaw and speech restrictions on college campuses.

Cynthia Coulter M.
Monrovia, CA

The speaker was really very interesting, and his speaking style is quite engaging.

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very good speaker

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Timely and informative

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Very interesting topic

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Will Creeley stands out as a particularly helpful lecturer, who easily conveys his knowledge to us.

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Great presentation. Very interesting subject.

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Will was an excellent presenter - I really enjoyed this course

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Great class!

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Very informative. Well done.

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Thank you.

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Really enjoyed!

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Fun and interesting!

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Lively, engaging, fast-paced, very informative, excellent.

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Good program.

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Would love more in-depth on this subject.

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Interesting material and presented concisely with just enough anecdotal material.

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A very timely topic with good materials and knowledgeable faculty.

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Good Overview Presentation

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Excellent presentation!

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Probably the best program I have seen on lawline.

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The civil rights cases on lawline are the most interesting - I support the ACLU, but don't do such work....sigh.

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Very interesting and informative.

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Very important CLE

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Outstanding presentation. Objective, clear, non-partisan. Should be required viewing for college administrators and television commentators alike.

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Very good overview.

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Probably the most informative course i have ever listened to during my long use of Lawline to complete my CLE requirements.i

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Great program.

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Excellent presentation and important work.

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finally....a legal presenter with a pleasant style.

Carla B.
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VERY interesting!

thomas t.
chicago, IL

Scholarly and passionate

Nancy W.
Dallas, TX

Kudos to FIRE for operating in this area! If speech codes create a chilling effect on K-12 and especially university expression, we’re in big trouble. Like the press, the young are a critical source of society’s perspective and change. Important to weed out suppression everywhere, but of course, at the very places we send people to learn to think and be instruments of change. FIRE’s reactive & proactive work is valuable. This course gave such an enlightening and comprehensive set of examples from decisions, as well as settlements. I was only aware of lead SOCUS cases and found the course essential, even though I don’t practice as a 1st Amendment attorney.

Michael S.
Bushnell, IL


Richard G.
Vienna, VA

Very informative, and even more timely. Highly recommended.

Diane T.
Brooklyn, NY

Great to hear about the speaker's organization and what they're doing

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Very informative!

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Excellent program.

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Very interesting. The cases cited were enlightening.

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Superb and well-balanced presentation.

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excellent program w great case examples

Kevin F.


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Presenter spoke fluently and interestingly and hit the major topic areas.

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Very good and engaging program. Excellent presenter and course materials. Lots of case law citations. Would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in this subject.

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an excellent survey of an important area of the law

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Excellent discussion of the law in this area.

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This presentation was excellent.

Kieran M.
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I learned a lot.

Barbara N.
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Excellent overview. Clearly delineates private versus public colleges. Nice to have discussed the K-12 standards as well.

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Extraordinarily interesting, eyeopening, entertaining and well delivered.

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This was great. Entertaining and useful.

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Very well presented.

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This presentation is one of the best and moist timely today.

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great presentation--enjoyed the class

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very interesting.

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very informative

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Excellent presentation. Very important for evereyone, not just attorneys, to understand with students right being assailed on our college campuses daily.

Alison C.
New York, NY

Lively, Interesting course.

Dorrie W.
Modesto, CA

I was struck by the case the presenter mentioned regarding Modesto Junior College. I not only live and practice law in Modesto, but I live in theCollege neighborhood, and I read the local paper daily. I never saw ANY articles on this free speech case while it was going on. Kudos to FIRE for making MJC back down! Great presenter and super topic!

Aimee K.
Elkins Park, PA

Great program!

Brandon E.
Cherry Hills Village, CO

very well presented. Faculty was very knowledgeable.

Polly K.
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Outstanding presentation from someone who obviously knows his stuff.

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outstanding presentation

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This is by far the most interesting and engaging presentation I've viewed on here. I will be actively looking for more presentations by this speaker in the future.

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enjoyable and insightful look at an issue that is only going to get more attention in the coming 4 years.

tim r.
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My favorite speaker so far.

Mitchell G.

fun and interesting topic

Andrew C.
Los Angeles, CA

I really liked the way this speaker presented the issues. Although he had a clear position on the issues, he did an excellent job of examining what motivates those on the other side of the issue from him and recognizing when they had a stronger legal position. Great program.

Erek L.
Woodbridge, VA

Excellent presentation style and inclusiveness of relevant content

Adam H.
Charlottesville, VA

Entertaining, relevant, and exceptional as a CLE! Please do what you can to provide more programs from this presenter.

Larry Wayne C.
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Steven A.
Washington, DC

Great job, Will!

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Really interesting.

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Very interesting subject matter, well presented.

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Well done in presenting on a very topical subject.

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Excellent presentation. Learned a lot and kept my interest.

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I think this was the best Lawline course I've viewed so far.

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I work at a university but don't work on these issues- enjoyed learning more about them. Thank you!

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very good

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Interesting 1st amendment topics.

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1st amendment cases very interesting

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incredibly interesting. makes me want to volunteer.

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if you had a 5 rating, he would get that from me

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A Clear, concise and substantive presentation with excellent advice about rights in differing educational environments.

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Great explanation of a currently hot topic. And congratulations to FIRE for it's work in protecting our liberties

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