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Professionalism in Challenging Practice Areas

1h 2m

Created on May 11, 2021





Maintaining high standards of professionalism is important throughout the practice of law but perhaps even more so in challenging practice areas such as high conflict litigation, criminal practice, and immigration.  Having a written philosophy of lawyering and living not only adds value and meaning to a lawyer's work but also benefits clients and society, providing a paradigm through which lawyers can practice professionally and exceed the minimum standards set forth under the ethics rules.  

Using examples from the practice of immigration law, this program will benefit any lawyer who wishes to do more than just follow the rules. The course will provide guidance on how to apply the values outlined in the Lawyer's Creed and Aspirational Statement on Professionalism to their practice in drafting their own philosophy of lawyering, helping lawyers excel in their practice and maintain the highest standards of professionalism. 

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Analyze the Lawyer's Creed and Aspirational Statement of Professionalism

  2. Apply professionalism guidelines to marketing, client relations, and before the tribunal

  3. Draft your own Philosophy of Lawyering

  4. Apply professionalism guidelines to a series of hypotheticals

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