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Preparing and Conducting Cross-Examinations in Federal Court

1h 5m

Created on September 13, 2018




Cross-examination is a critically important weapon in the trial lawyers' arsenal, designed to expose truths and inconsistencies in the direct testimony of a witness, or to otherwise further the cross-examiner's position. The ability to conduct powerful cross-examinations is often the difference between acquittal and conviction.

Experienced federal trial attorney and trial advocacy teacher Joseph A. Bondy discusses the elements of effective cross-examination, including preparing, structuring and sequencing, and the "Chapter Method" of examination, with reference to actual transcripts of Mr. Bondy's cross-examinations. This course is relevant for practitioners at all levels of experience.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop skills to prepare to conduct an effective cross-examination, including setting the examination objective(s), and gathering of relevant materials
  2. Organize a witness cross-examination into discrete chapters, and to sequence the examination for maximum effect
  3. Properly form leading questions and overcome common objections at hearings or trial
  4. Hone the skill of conducting impeachment of a witness based upon a prior inconsistent statement
  5. Make the opponent's witnesses your own
  6. Study relevant examples and applications of all of the above skills in practice

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