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Practical Aspects of Obtaining Expert Witnesses in New York


Created on June 09, 2017




In this course, attorney Raymond Furey discusses the decision as to whether to obtain and use an expert; how to obtain an expert; and how to generally obtain an opinion and interact with the expert. This is a presentation of the practical aspects and will not be a study of case law or the procedural aspects of presenting an expert witness.

A listener will be exposed to the general elements of selecting an expert, meeting with the expert, and obtaining the expert's opinion for trial. It is designed for either the trial attorney,  or the attorney on the trial team, who has been requested to obtain expert opinion for trial.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the process in deciding whether to use an expert in a New York civil case
  2. Learn how to engage an expert including finding an expert, retaining the expert, providing materials, meeting with, and obtaining the trial ready opinion
  3. Comprehend the negative and positive impact the expert may have on your case and learn how to maximize the expert's testimony 

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