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Political Asylum and Gang Activity

1h 1m

Created on May 07, 2012


Individuals who seek asylum on the basis of gang related violence have the option of claiming membership in a particular social group or on the basis of political opinion. Join us as Lawline Faculty Member, Harlan York, takes us through the relationship between asylum law and gang activities. Mr. York will begin his presentation by discussing the basic of asylum law and current case law. Next, he will discuss the basis of gang affiliation as a ground for asylum and other gang related issues. Finally, Mr. York will conclude his presentation by discussing statutory regulations, withholding, the convention against torture, and current cases.


I.      Asylum Law

II.     Political Asylum

III.    Membership of a Social Group

IV.    Case Law

V.     Group Affiliation as Grounds for Asylum

VI.    Gang-Related Violence

VII.   Gang-Related Asylum

VIII.  Statutory Regulations

IX.    Withholding

X.     Convention Against Torture

XI.    Current Cases

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