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Phantom Equity: Giving Shape to an Intangible Promise

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Produced on August 26, 2016

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Time 1h 2m
Difficulty Intermediate
Topics covered in this course: Business, Corporate, & Securities

Course Description

Phantom Equity can be a powerful tool in the start-up attorney’s arsenal, to help their clients grow on (and eventually, off) the proverbial shoestring. While it is often employed to great effect in the business world, it can be treacherous in its application depending on the context and the caution you take in its structuring. Join start-up attorney Todd Kulkin for a crash course on phantom equity: when to use it (and not), how to use it, and identifying some of the pitfalls that come along with this powerful technique.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Learn the ins and outs of Phantom Equity deals 

II.    Counsel your clients: When is Phantom Equity appropriate?

III.   Understand some of the factors that go into “Sweat Equity” 

IV.   Navigate the common pitfalls of Phantom Equity deals

V.    Identify valuation and purpose, making Phantom Equity work for you

VI.   Balance client interests: Phantom Equity for attorney compensation

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Todd Kulkin

The Warren Law Group

Todd P. Kulkin practices in the areas of corporate, securities, and not-for-profit law. He is risk management and strategy focused, having graduated with a concentration in Financial Transactions from University at Buffalo (SUNY) Law School in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Todd now serves as outsourced general counsel for start-up companies, corporations, and not-for-profit organizations in the United States and abroad.

Todd began his legal career representing and advising Fortune 500 companies at one of the largest law firms in the US. In 2012, he departed that firm to open his own practice and joined the Warren Law Group in 2020. 

He has been honored by the Reuters publication Superlawyers as a “Rising Star” in business law for the New York Metro Area from 2014-2020. Only 2.5% of attorneys under the age of 40, or having been in practice less than 10 years, in the New York Metro Area are given this distinguished honor.

A consummate educator, Todd is dedicated to empowering his clients with the knowledge needed to accelerate growth and mitigate risk. He regularly teaches other attorneys about corporate, securities, and not-for-profit legal issues and is often contacted by those attorneys for advice.


Julie C.

Another highly informative presentation by Lawline rockstar Todd Kulkin! A treasure trove of practical information about a somewhat complicated subject.

Rosemary G.

This is my third course with Todd. My new favorite start-up attorney!

Jennifer L.

Todd Kulkin is a phenomenal teacher (and I have a teaching background)! I really appreciate his ability to simplify a complex concept. I have learned so much, and I would really like to see more courses from him! Thanks, Jennifer Lynch, Esq.

William R.

Todd did a superb job explaining phantom equity!

Randall D.

Actually quite good.

lance f.

Love Todd! He’s a great presenter, and so knowledgeable

Paige M.

great presenter--concise and entertaining; very useful and practical information.

Todd N.

Good course. I would explain what phantom equity is and isn’t more at the beginning.

Allan S.

Nice presentation on a complicated subject.

John K.


Carla N.

Very good presentation.

Phil S.

Todd is always great!

Christina S.

This was fascinating. Now I know what this is actually called and how it works.

Myron M.


Donna L.

This speaker was very interesting and informative. Sometimes these can be boring, but this one was very interesting!

Shaun S.

great. didn't know about the concept

Gail G.


Peter C.

Todd is a great presenter. I have seen most of his seminars.

Melanie C.

Good voice---easy to understand & interesting.

Michael P.


Brent C.

Good info about a compensation plan being used more and more.

Robert N.

Interesting course.

Kenneth W. P.

I enjoyed learning about the current conditions in the techno market place that used to be called "sweat equity". Very informative.

Walter R.

Fascinating ideas expressed

John O.

This guy gives great tips. When you get an ERISA case find an ERISA attorney.

F. Kim C.

Great course for anyone advising start-up and/or young growth companies.

Malorie L.

Fantastic speaker!

Jeffrey W.

Great job. Very interesting topic.

Robert W.

Good concise presentation with a great flow.

Peter D.

Mr. Kulkin is an excellent presenter.

Quietta B.


Jamel O.

Good Presenter

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