Part V: The Intangibles - Skills Every Business Lawyer Should Understand

Production Date: January 25, 2016 Practice Areas: Business, Corporate, & Securities Law Estimated Length: 3954 minutes


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Business attorneys, when they do things right, fill many roles for their clients. As their relationship deepens, a business’ attorney becomes like a partner without equity. To add the most value to a client’s efforts, a savvy business attorney must master some less-tangible knowledge and less obvious techniques.

This program, led by attorney Todd Kulkin, is meant to give an introductory understanding of some of those “soft skills” that law school never taught, and the knowledge law school never thought you’d need. Mr. Kulkin is joined by friend and client Adrian Miller. 


Learning Objectives: 

I.     How to be confidant, confessor, and cheerleader, within the bounds of ethical practice 

II.    Obtain tried and true techniques to steer your client in the right direction 

III.   Help your client navigate their insurance needs 

IV.   Read an income statement and balance sheet

V.    Immerse yourself in the basics and legalities of business strategy

VI.   Understand the best time to bring in an expert and how to best work with that expert to your client’s benefit

Wendy M.
Santa Barbara, CA

Excellent! Lots of useful info presented.

Derek C.
Cary, NC

this was great!

Charlene A.
Mount Holly, NC

excellent info!

Jane F.
Houston, TX

The presenters were very good.

Ron V.
Greenwood Vil, CO

Excellent course.

Matthew M.
Woodland Hills, CA

I really enjoyed Todd Kulkin. His presentation style was enjoyable and easy to watch.

Chris R.
Las Vegas, NV

Kulkin's seminars are always entertaining and informative to hear.

David M.
Manhattan, NY

Very helpful, informative and common sense information presented in an accessible manner. I always think it is helpful when lawyers pull in someone from the business-side.

Amanda D.
Wilmington, NC

This course presented the best online CLE information for actual implementation that I have ever received in my 17 years of practice. Thank you.

Constance H F.
Laurel, MD

Very insightful.

Mark G.
Tulsa, OK

You always hope to walk away from a course with a least one thing new (to you) or useful (to you and your clients); Part V provides those useful things in numbers.

Erik G.
Grand Junction, CO

The entire series was great. Practical and easy to follow.

David L S.
Sonora, TX


Steven S.
Davis, CA

The back and forth in this one was really interesting relative to others in the series.

Charles W.
Houston, TX

Good series of programs.

Mayer K.
Baltimore, MD


Carolyn H.
New York, NY

Great series, listened to all 5 sessions

Audrey B.
Littleton, CO

Enjoyed the presentation. Packed with lots of practical information.

Josh N.
Boca Raton, FL

Very Informative

Ken C.

Good overview series.

Doris N.
Vernon Hills, IL


Victoria K.
Chicago, IL

Great presentation and knowledgeable speakers.

Pauline M.
Fuquay Varina, NC

It was helpful to have a business expert along side the presenter.

Warren W.

Strongly recommended for any lawyer involved in business development for own firm, and/or clients.

Westminster, CA

I liked how she provided business development advice for attorneys and clients.

Jeffrey W.
New York, NY

Great job. Very informative.

Steven W.
Squaw Valley, CA

Top speaker

Linda E.
Roswell, GA

Excellent pairing.

Edward H.
Chicago, IL

excellent course!

Lorenzo L.
Colleyville, TX

Terrific presentation with many interesting points on growing one's practice or business.

Ann W.
Park Ridge, IL

Really packed a lot in the hour. Like the back an forth between both Todd and Adrian - kept it interesting.

Christine S.
Portland, OR

really useful!

Julie A. B.
Hiles, WI

Lover Miller!

James D.
Chicago, IL

This one surprised me! Can't believe all that I learned! The hour went by in about 15 loaded minutes!

Lindsey L.
Houston, TX

Outstanding coverage of the various issues facing counsel to emerging and small businesses. Anyone interested in practicing in this field should watch.

Elizabeth F.
Mundelein, IL

Kulkin delivered a phenomenal 5-part series. In this final part, I particularly enjoyed the negotiation tools. Ms. Miller was a welcomed addition with her business-building tips. I would strongly recommend this series to all professionals.

Daphne Marie C.
Houston, TX

Both are very effective speakers. The rapport between them helped to make what can be a dry subject be interesting.

Rebecca J.
Chicago, IL

Love this duo!

William H.
Stony Brook, NY

Very good lecture.

Matthias G.
Homewood, IL

very nice presenter and his partner was very knowledgeable and helpful too.

Marc G.
New York, NY

This was a great 5-part course. Todd gave very practical and useful advice. I especially enjoyed the addition of Adrian in this last segment.

Thomas M.
Midlothian, IL

This was an excellent 5 part series.

Robert B.
Downers Grove, IL

Very good and informative

bet m.
Gainesville, VA

Love Todd's sessions!

Joseph J. O.
Nyack, NY

The 3 courses i watched were all well worth the time. Ms. Miller was excellent.

Kamran M.
Scarsdale, NY

Excellent content very useful and practical

Justin A.
Arlington, VA

Good, informative course.

Sharon A.
Mandeville, LA

Good practical advice

Abby N.
Glenmont, NY

Both speakers were fabulous. I'm not directly involved in start-up business ventures but learned a lot about ways to expand my employer's business propositions.

Erik M.
Stamford, CT

Kulkin is great

Tracy B.
Bell Buckle, TN

Recommend doing the 5 part series.

Daria T.
Bloomfield Hills, MI


Durham, NC


William K.
Lewiston, NY

Very good, practical course

William D.
Chesterfield, MO

A well presented, concise and cohesive series. Looking forward to the more in-depth Part II of the modules.

Kathleen S.
Sammamish, WA

Very useful information. Worth the time. Engaging presentation.

Christine T.
Leland, NC

Super!!! I'm going back to watch the other 4 on demand.

katiana f.
Miami, FL

Very Informative.

Elizabeth Z.
Raleigh, NC

Thank you!

Randall S.
San Diego, CA

He has become a very good presenter