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Obtaining Waivers of Inadmissibility: From Consultation to Application

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Produced on March 20, 2018

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Time 1h 1m
Difficulty Intermediate
Topics covered in this course: Immigration

Course Description

The last major overhaul of immigration law, the Illegal Immigration and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IRAIRA), was passed in 1996 and went into effect on April 1, 1997. While the change in the law occurred over twenty years ago, the design of the law makes the impact cumulative, increasing the aggregate repercussions every year. One of the primary changes of the 1996 law was the dramatic expansion of inadmissibility, a type of disqualifier for certain immigration benefits such as a visa or permanent residence. One of the new types of inadmissibility created by IRAIRA is a ten year bar for previous unlawful presence of more than a year.

In the year 2000, only about 5300 immigrant visa applicants were denied a visa on this ground at the consulates. In the year 2016, this inadmissibility ground was applied to almost 43,000 immigrant visa applicants, an eight-fold increase. For many types of inadmissibility, most notably unlawful presence, the foreign national can apply for a waiver, or exception, of that inadmissibility.

Including all grounds of inadmissibility, the number of waiver applications filed annually now rivals the number of affirmative asylum applications filed, making waivers of inadmissibility a major area of immigration law — and arguably a new field of law in itself. In this presentation, by immigration practitioner Laurel Scott, who specializes in waivers of inadmissibility, the viewer will be introduced to inadmissibility, procedures for applying for waivers, and standards for approval.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify and explain the most common grounds of inadmissibility
  2. Review the complex filing procedures for waivers in the context of the underlying visa or adjustment of status cases
  3. Discuss how to prepare a winning case

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Laurel Scott

The Law Office of Laurel Scott

Laurel received a BA from Simon's Rock College, a Master's Degree from Duke University, and a Law Degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA where she completed the Temple University Immigration Law Clinical. She spent a year studying at the Queen's University of Belfast and completed an internship at the European Parliament. She started work on her first waiver of inadmissibility in 2003 and quickly realized that waivers were an ideal niche for her new firm. Over the years, she emerged as one of the nation's leading experts in this type of case, publishing numerous articles on the subject and speaking at many events for immigration lawyers. Licensed in Texas.


Patrick M.

Very good presentation.

Ed K.

This was an outstanding presentation of complex material in a brief, yet thorough and well-organized form. Fantastic. Thank you.

Bielka M. T.

Great topic wish there was more...

Katharine W.

The most useful CLE I’ve done to date.

Sajjad H.

Great presentation

Catherine S.

This is precisely my area of practice. I know that Laurel Scott concentrates I this area and have always wanted to hear her speak. The course is about 3 years old and the area has become somewhat more aggressive, but I feel that her analysis still holds. I wanted to learn some new techniques and interpretations and feel that I did. Thank you.

Kurt C.

Enjoyed it!

Ekta D.


Bruno C.

Really enjoyed this course!

Lori A.

great job! very informative and engaging. would love to see from this practitioner

Natalie B.

Excellent webinar! Great fluid delivery and presentation! One of the best on Lawline!

Daniel R.

Excellent delivery.

Pablo N.


Brian W.

Very informative on waivers

Alberto V.

This speaker is outstanding. I hope there are more of her videos.

Maria A.

Excellent presentation

David K.

Excellent teacher.

richard b.

Extremely knowledgeable and effective!! Great!!!!



rajeev k.

Best class I have ever taken on law line

James L.

Ths has certainly been one of the best presentations I have seen.

richard l.

Will be viewing this one again and giving the course materials to my associate attorneys.

Dennis B.

Presenter was outstanding.

Mavis C.

Excellent job on keeping it interesting and getting through the material.

Karen K.

Great practical advice.

Robert T.

Laural Rocks!

Sena K.

Excellent presentation and materials. I learned a great deal from this training.

Holly R.

This was a GREAT course! Thank you for the tips and presentation. Very helpful.

Antoine M.

Presenter-attorney obviously very competent and proficient; great support from moderator.

Barbara T.

Wonderful speaker. Very informative.

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