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Nuts & Bolts of Estate Administration in Virginia

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Created on March 04, 2019





Estate Administration in Virginia can be full of twists, turns and nuances. The process is further complicated by the emotions and grief that family members and fiduciaries are simultaneously experiencing over the loss of a loved one. This course is meant to help attorneys navigate the estate administration process so they can effectively and competently assist their clients through the process, whatever the client's relation to the Estate.

The program will guide attorneys through the probate and qualification process, administration of the Estate, the filing of an inventory and accountings with the Commissioner of Accounts, the filing and resolution of claims against the Estate, navigation of the statutory rights of the surviving spouse and family members of the decedent, and final distribution and closure of the Estate. It will alert attorneys to pitfalls of the process and provide practical guidance and solutions to help attorneys successfully navigate the process.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Navigate the probate and qualification process to start the estate administration process
  2. Identify tips and tricks related to the administration a decedent's Estate from the marshalling of assets to the point of final distribution
  3. Discuss reporting requirements with the Commissioner of Accounts during the administration of an Estate
  4. Address claims filed by creditors against an Estate
  5. Review statutory rights of a surviving spouse and other family members that come up during administration of an Estate, to include claims for elective share

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