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New York Second and Step Parent Adoption: An Overview


Created on June 23, 2017



This program, presented by attorney Anthony M. Brown, will discuss all aspects of the legal journey that New York couples, particularly LGBT couples, can expect to encounter as they secure legal parentage for non-biological parents in New York with a Second or Step Parent Adoption.

Topics will range from the jurisdictional ability of the court to issue these adoption orders, the practicalities and logistics of a Second or Step Parent Adoption, surrogacy and Pre-Birth Orders from other states, the ability to be on a birth certificate in New York, the documentation required to secure a non-biological parent's rights during the Second or Step Parent Adoption process, the effect of your marital status on these proceedings, the importance of comprehensive Estate Planning to complete the protection process and individuals, and the ethics of joint representation in a Second or Step Parent Adoption.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Gain a comprehensive overview of the step and second parent adoption in New York
  2. Explore obstacles that LGBT couples might face in the second or step parent adoption process
  3. Discuss the importance of comprehensive estate planning and its relation to the adoption process
  4. Review potential ethical issues associated with joint representation in second or step parent adoption

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