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New Jersey Business Entity Selection, Formation & Governance

1h 21m

Created on December 04, 2017




There are many types of legal entities through which a business or professional practice may be operated. The characteristics of each entity can vary significantly. As a result, each structure has its own advantages and disadvantages. Legal practitioners can easily fall into a trap if they do not understand the sometimes subtle challenges each entity presents.

In this program, New Jersey business attorney Barry F. Gartenberg identifies the most widely used entities for businesses and professional practices, explains the process of forming New Jersey entities, and summarizes key aspects of how each entity is governed.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify and describe the various partnership, limited liability company, and corporation forms of entities
  2. Distinguish the basic differences between business and professional practice entities
  3. Describe the online and traditional entity formation process in New Jersey
  4. Summarize key aspects of how each entity is governed by default and documents that can be used to tailor entity governance to meet client needs

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