Navigating Through Vocational Analysis To Prove Disability Under Group and Private Disability Contracts

Production Date: September 20, 2014 Practice Areas: Disability & Social Security Law Estimated Length: 6005 minutes


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An insured making a claim under a disability insurance policy must deal with two disability definitions: (1) initially, the burden to prove that the claimant is unable to perform the duties of their occupation and (2) when the contract language shifts to proving an inability to perform the duties of “any gainful occupation." Ambiguities abound. The attorney representing a claimant must navigate through the policy terms, the relevant case law and approach the case with objective proof to substantiate the claim.  In this program, Lawline Faculty and experienced attorney Bonny G. Rafel LLC discusses the best methods with which to wade through the evidence and establish a client’s rights to disability benefits under the applicable policy language. Bonny dissects several vocational reports from the insurer and claimant angle as she investigates the keys to ultimate success.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Grasp what evidence is important when evaluating a claimant’s occupational duties
  2. Understand how the insurer typically limits the evidence considered in order to maximize return to work potential
  3. Evaluate the necessary components of a successful submission
  4. Spot legal issues related to evaluating ability to perform any gainful occupation and how to overcome obstacles

This course originally appeared as a part of our September 2014 Bridge the Gap Event.


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Excellent speaker. Concise, informative, practical advice. Good summaries of pertinent case law. The client examples provided really helped with understanding the issues in this field and made the presentation very interesting. Thank you.

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What an awsome CLE. The presenter is extremely knowledgeable on the subject and obviously passionate about her area of practice. I really learned a lot from this presentation.

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When you are gifted with a continuing education course that is presented by an atty who loves her field of practice, magic occurs. This course was outstanding in providing actual examples of the subject matter and how to successfully navigate the ins and

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