Navigating the New York Family Court System: What Every Attorney (and Litigant) Should Know

Production Date: March 28, 2017 Practice Areas: Family & Matrimonial Law Estimated Length: 6524 minutes


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This course, taught by seasoned family law attorney Alissa Van Horn, takes a practical and realistic look into the New York Family Court system, addressing the issues practitioners face with clientele, judges, magistrates, and referees, while exploring the recent trends and changes in policy and practice over the years. Explore the differences between judges, referees, and support magistrates, and learn the evidentiary standards for the various family court matters, including custody, child, support, neglect, abuse, juvenile delinquency, orders of protection, guardianship, and adoption matters with real examples of real cases and how the trends have changed over time.  

This course is designed to provide a 90-minute practical approach to navigating the family court system, while providing some comic relief with real anecdotes, experiences, and lessons of family court practitioners.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Outline the jurisdiction of the Family Court and define the roles of the different jurists
  2. Provide real life experiences on the trends and changes in the application of the law through various court decisions over time
  3. Discuss and define the evidentiary rules in each area of family law
  4. Review the standards of proof, procedures, costs, time frames and practicalities of family court practice
  5. Advise the attendees on the best ways to counsel clients on each individual matter and discuss the differences in jurisdictions and jurists, and what impact that may have on the outcome of the cases

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Excellent coverage.

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Extremely thorough

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Great course! Thank you!

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Excellent job

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Very well informed.