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Minding Your Own Business: Starting Your Own Law Practice

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Produced on December 20, 2014

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Time 75 minutes
Difficulty Beginner

Course Description

Running a business is a challenge for anyone, particularly if you have not had any business experience.  Join licensed attorney and counselor at law, June Middleton, as she provides attorneys with the foundational tools needed to start their own practice.  

June begins by defining and examining the legal entity, the difference between an incorporated and unincorporated business entity, and the requirements for legal formation.  

She continues by examining the considerations inherent in the decision to have one or more partners, the importance of having written contracts such as by-laws or operating agreements and what to consider if you plan to have other employees or independent contractors. June discusses possible Worker’s Compensation and disability insurance requirements as well as any other insurance you may need. 

Lastly, June examines marketing, maintaining, and growing your practice, and the importance of having letters of engagement with your clients and setting fees.

This program is designed to make you aware of how to build a solid infrastructure based on business law, from which you can launch a solid practice to address your passion for the practice of law.


Learning Objectives

  1. Comprehend starting your own law firm as both a practice and a business
  2. Understand the various considerations needed to decide whether you should go solo or have a partner
  3. Grasp client selection and intake as well as identify how to find clients and solidify the services offered
  4. Determine whether you need a business plan and, if so, decide:
    1. Its purpose and audience
    2. A budget: personal and business
    3. Physical versus virtual office
  5. Understand the importance of legal structure:
    1. Unincorporated (sole proprietor, partnership)

This course originally appeared as a part of our December 2014 Bridge the Gap Event.


June Middleton

J.W. Middleton, LLC

June Middleton is a licensed attorney and counselor at law in New York advising small businesses on the legal and financial management of their businesses. She first started her own business as a computer and business management consultant advising small businesses on all aspects of their operations including business plans, budgeting, computerizing their accounting systems and establishing procedures to build a stronger infrastructure for their companies. She has advised small businesses as a management consultant for more than 15 years. She is a graduate of Columbia University, majoring in economics and managerial accounting, and Touro Law School where she received her Juris Doctor degree.

She was a securities broker with Merrill Lynch fully registered on all major exchanges, as well as the Chicago Board of Trade. She was the first African-American woman to become a stockbroker in the country.

Ms. Middleton has been an adjunct assistant professor at New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Education teaching courses on financial management of small businesses, and courses on starting your own business. She also designed and taught a course for the Woman Entrepreneur. She has chaired seminars, written articles, and made appearances on television and radio discussing business and career changes.

At the New York County Lawyers’ Association, Ms. Middleton is an active member of the Minorities and the Law Committee, and is also a member of the Solo and Small Firm Practice Committee. She recently gave a presentation at the Association on “Going Solo”, a how-to on establishing one’s own practice, which the committees co-sponsored. The presentation was written about in an article that appeared in the February 2009 publication of the New York County Lawyers’ Association. June is also a member of the New York City Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association, and the American Bar Association. She is an active member of the Women’s Career Networking Group at the Princeton and Columbia University Clubs in New York.

June Middleton is additionally an independent producer for a New York City, public access cable TV network where she hosts a talk show for entrepreneurs on the various aspects of starting, running and managing diverse businesses with guests that have included a chamber orchestra, attorneys, career counselors, and a jazz trio.


Regina S.

The extra resources are very helpful

Walter F.

Presenter did an excellent job of covering the wide array of key issues which must be addressed in a law firms start up. Very knowledgeable. Well done. Thank you.

Darren M.

I liked this program-presentation very much. I like the way Ms. Middleton posed many questions offering food for thought.

Michael O.

June was great. I like her a lot!

Makedonka B.

Useful info

Lysandra R.

Very informative.

Alice C.

Very knowledgeable and engaging.

Wilbert C.

Good real world info

Jacob G.


Desiree R.

This course exceeded expectation. I would rate June Middleton a 5

Cynthia P.

This is a must-have watch/listen for any attorney opening their own firm!

Rosario P.

she is a great speaker!

Elizabeth P.

Thank you for the great insight based on experience and very helpful practical tips. This is one of the best that I've heard or maybe the best on starting a law practice.

Patrick S.

An attorney who gets it, has been there, and is willing to share the truths. Highly recommended

laurie b.

Fantastic speaker!

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