Medical Malpractice: The Failure to Diagnose Case

Production Date: August 27, 2015 Practice Areas: Personal Injury and Negligence and Health Care Law Estimated Length: 3874 minutes


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Perhaps the most common type of case presented to a medical malpractice attorney involves the failure to diagnose, or diagnose in a timely fashion, a medical condition or disease. In this course, attorneys Jason Rubin and Philip Rossotti provide an overview of the handling of this type of case from inception to trial. Additionally, they offer examples of successful trial techniques, including those for cross-examination.


Learning Objectives: 

I.     Define the elements of a prima facie case

II.    Understand the steps to the initial investigation, evaluation, and workup of the case 

III.   Identify the resources available to understand and investigate the medico-legal issues involved in the case 

IV.   Develop strategies for the defendant doctor’s deposition, jury selection, and for trial

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War stories.

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The course does a good job figuring out how to approach equivocating witnesses.

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Great session! I liked the use of concrete examples. This is helpful for those of us who don't know much about med mal.

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I always prefer two panelists more than one - I find it more engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed the specific case analysis and component breakdown in this presentation.

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I really liked the demonstration of the cross-examination and the clarity of the intent of the repetitious questioning.

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I LOVE nuts and bolts, "anatomy of a case" courses. Keep them coming!

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This course was so good that I was very sorry when it ended - I wanted to hear more about the Baker's cyst that turned out to be cancer!

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The presenters provided a very good overview of the elements of malpractice and failure to diagnose. It was very effective to link these elements with the cross examination of a specific case.

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