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Managing Common Ethical Dilemmas That Arise When Your Client Is an Organization

1h 2m

Created on February 26, 2021





The Rules of Professional Conduct deal primarily with the relationship between a lawyer and his or her client when the client is a human being. Rule 1.13 deals with that relationship when the client is a corporation, partnership or other organization and is the principal subject of this webinar. The webinar, presented by senior counsel Michael L. Temin at Fox Rothschild LLP, starts by identifying who is the client and who is not when the client is an organization. The course will address how the lawyer should act when the person acting for the organization proposes to act contrary to the best interests of the organization. Other items to be discussed include how the lawyer should deal with the client's agents who may not understand whom the lawyer represents and who may believe that they are represented by the lawyer. Finally, the program will conclude with a cautionary tale and some best practices.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discern how the representation of an organization differs from the representation of a human being
  2. Examine when you may ethically represent an organization and one of its constituents and when you may not
  3. Identify and avoid the pitfalls of unintended simultaneous representation of an organization and one of its constituents

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