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Living Wills in New York: Who Can Make Them, What Do They Do, and How are They Enforced?


Created on September 14, 2016




Most people have a sense of what a Will is but may not understand the distinction of a Living Will. How is a Living Will different, what does it do and why might you make one? Join attorney Spencer Reames as he details the requirements, benefits and uses of Living Wills, and how they work in coordination with Health Care Proxies. Mr. Reames also addresses specific pitfalls to avoid when drafting a Living Will in New York.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand what constitutes a Living Will and the purposes for creating a Living Will in New York
  2. Explore the legal underpinning of Living Wills in New York
  3. Review forms of Living Wills and matters that can be included in Living Wills
  4. Detail how a Living Will operates in coordination with a Health Care Proxy
  5. Identify best practices in disclosing and using a Living Will

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