Litigation Trial Skills

Production Date: March 29, 2014 Practice Areas: Litigation Estimated Length: 4570 minutes


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Join Attorney Joseph Vozza as he illuminates everything a litigator needs to know about the trial process. Mr. Vozza begins with "knowing your case" and how a successful trial is often the product of working with care from the case's inception. He explains essential drafting techniques for important pleadings and tips on effectively performing depositions. Mr. Vozza then speaks on case valuation after discovery and how to assess the case's viability for trial. If the case does indeed move forward, Mr. Vozza describes important processes such as pre-jury preparations, jury selection and pre-trial motions. Additionally, he discusses the techniques and strategies necessary to delivering and performing successful opening and closing statements, direct and cross examinations and any post-trial motions. Lastly, Mr. Vozza briefly discusses how to get a case ready for appeal.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Start your case from client intake to discovery
  2. Valuate your case
  3. Assess likelihood of trial
  4. Grasp necessary pre-jury preparations & pretrial motions
  5. Understand trial procedures and techniques
  6. Appeal a decision

This course originally appeared as a part of our March 2014 Bridge the Gap Event.

John C.
Westbury, NY

Well spoken excellent presentation.

Marcia R.
New York, NY

Very helpful and straightforward advice!

Julia S.
Manhattan, NY


Alexander C.

Excellent course

Mark W.
Fort Covington, NY


Gail S.
White Stone, NY

Good practical pointers

Raymond K.
Bedford, NY

Mr. Vozza is an advocate of careful preparation for trial. His presentation is a wealth of information

paul m.
Lido Beach, NY

Instructor was very natural and honest in his presentation. Refreshing.


Excellent seminar.

Suzin R.
White Plains, NY

Speaker was very informative

Andrew A.
New York, NY

Thank you

Robyn B.
Pittsford, NY

great speaker

Christopher R.

Excellent instructor. Well spoken and knowledgeable about subject matter.

John H.
White Plains, NY

Mr. Vozza was outstanding.

Clara K.
New York, NY

Many useful tips.

Maria Y.
Morrisville, PA

Enjoyable presentation with lots of practical and good advice.

Kristin C.
Toronto, ON

I suggest something longer and goes more into depth.

Scott S.
Great Barrington, MA

too basic

John K.
woodbury, NY

Great presentation - good anecdotal information and very candid regarding learning from trial mistakes. Well done.

Precious A.
Brooklyn, NY

Superb presentation!

Keith D.
Dryden, NY

Good general overview

Nancy M.
San Anselmo, CA

I like this guy

Eduardo L.
El Paso, TX


Kari M.
Orlando, FL

Great lecturer! Very practical and informative content!

Roy L.
Simi Valley, CA

Best course I've viewed so far.

Hwesu M.
Mount Vernon, NY

Very well done.

garfield r.
queensbury, NY

good refresher

Robert S.
Anaheim, LB

good course. great presentation

Maria M.
Niagara Falls, NY

One of the best courses I have taken.

Lawrence R.
Ridgefield, CT

Mr. Vazza did a nice job!

Andrew H.
Queensbury, NY


john a redmon r.
Bedford, NY

pretty good

Anthony L.
Wilton, CT

A lucid concise explanation of the litigation process.

James L.
Staten Island, NY

Good. There was a lot of practical advice.

Frances M.
Lee, IL

Practical, very informative. Thank You Mr. Vozza.


excellent overview

Liverpool, NY

Excellent speaker and finally there is a video that is not at least 90percent geared to plaintiff litigation

Jordan H.
Aurora, IL

Mr. Vozza must be a great trial lawyer! He certainly is an engaging presenter.