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Litigating with Electronic Information in Civil Cases (Part 1)

1h 32m

Created on January 11, 2021





Electronic information is now a common feature throughout civil litigation. In order to competently litigate in federal and state courts, attorneys should understand when and how that information should be preserved, how electronic information features in developing plans to litigate a particular case, and how that information might be reviewed and produced. This webinar will provide a brief introduction to electronic information and then do a deep dive into best practices for the use of this information at trial. 

This first of two programs, taught by Ronald Hedges and Erika Lopes-McLeman, is essential for civil litigators in state or federal court. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the nature of electronic information
  2. Appreciate when a duty to preserve electronic information might arise and the scope of that duty
  3. Develop a discovery plan to account for how electronic information may be reviewed and produced 

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