Litigating with Assisted Living Facilities: The New Frontier

Production Date: July 31, 2015 Practice Areas: Litigation and Elder Law Estimated Length: 3730 minutes


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As our population ages, Assisted Living constitutes a rapidly expanding field of healthcare. Since many of the residents in Assisted Living are private pay, it is potentially very profitable. Serious care issues arise because companies moving into this area are not necessarily healthcare companies – many of them are real estate companies with no healthcare expertise. Compounded with the fact that Assisted Living is very loosely regulated, this creates a recipe for disaster.  


Here, attorney Michael Brusca, of Stark & Stark, helps us understand these facilities, their limits, and how they operate, which is critical to properly holding them accountable when they fail residents who are hurt and often die as a result.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Understand Assisted Living Facilities and how they operate

II.    Recognize the legal problems these facilities encounter and what gives rise to them

III.   Comprehend the legal themes and theories involved

IV.   Determine when and who to depose in these cases

V.    Identify what documents are needed

Ruth G.
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The absolute best presenter on Lawline. You listen to this man speak, and you are itching to sue an assisted living facility. Inspiring.

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Having had first hand experience with ACLF's, I wish I had known with my parents whatI've learned from this course. I plan to pass along a lot of the info to friends about to go through these same decisions of ACLF vs. nursing care or home care although fighting an arbitration clauseis probably not feasible for families up front.

Samuel P.
Orlando, FL

I have taken several of your courses. This is the best yet. This was informative, and due to the age of our populace, potentially a great source of a new area for me to explore for my practice.

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awesome presenter! interesting and informative

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Jim B.
Richardson, TX

I wish I had seen this presentation prior to putting my mother in an assisted care facility in 2015 when she was 92.

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The materials and lecture were succinctly presented and easy to follow.

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Very informative presentation of a niche area of law

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The deposition skills and practice tips were very informative.

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Excellent presentation in outlining potential problems to look for in the assisted living scenario.....

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I think I would almost recommend anything by this presenter. Great job, always!

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Engaging presentation that is also very informative for those of us who do not practice this type of law yet have elderly parents.

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Excellent and thoughtful presentation!! Lot of common sense and very helpful advice for families!!! And timely, given our aging family members and friends!!!

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Great program - we all have grandparents or parents who are aging (and how about you and me), and this program identifies issues we should be aware of and thinking about.

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very informative. great speaker.

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Good overview of assisted living facilities.

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Very well done and interesting!!

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appreciated the information about the requirement to arbitrate any issues and how to fight that.

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Speaker Brusca was very knowledgeable.

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