Defending ADA Lawsuits

Production Date: August 19, 2014 Practice Areas: Litigation and Disability & Social Security Law Estimated Length: 3607 minutes


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Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) litigation is a unique animal that differs in significant ways from traditional commercial or civil rights disputes. 


Experienced ADA litigator Nolan Klein, Esq. provides an overview of strategies for handling and resolving ADA litigation. This includes discussion of the history and purpose of the ADA law, explanation of the various types of ADA plaintiffs, substantive and procedural tools that can be used to counter compulsive ADA litigators, and the most effective ways of handling and resolving ADA cases for corporate and individual clients.  


Learning Objectives:

I.    Grasp the history and purpose of the ADA, including how and why so many lawsuits have come to be filed by a small handful of ADA plaintiffs

II.   Identify realistic and achievable goals when defending clients in ADA lawsuits, and learn how to avoid common pitfalls

III.  Comprehend the most effective tactics to use in resolving ADA lawsuits inexpensively, while creating accessibility and avoiding future ADA lawsuits




Laird P.
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Excellent presentation throughout. Very thorough examination of the topic.

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Very helpful

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I work for a very old landmarked building that has accessibility issues so this was very informative.

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Great speaker - very organized

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Dry but very informative. Lots of useful, practical hints as to how to handle not just lawsuits but disposing of claims before litigation. Good presenter.

Shannon B.
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I really enjoyed this presentation and picked up some helpful "tidbits" I was previously unaware of.

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well done - very knowledgeable

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This was interesting!

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Superb presentation!

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Great speaker!

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Good examples, explanatory of fundamental approach of the ADA and some parallel state laws, such as NY and a few others.

Olen M.

Very good

Antonio B.
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Excellent!!! One of the best online courses I have taken.

Herbert Z.
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Nolan does an excellent job.

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Very well directed focus on the subject.

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I would recommend showing this to clients.

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Presenter very informed and articulate. I would highly recommend this course as primer to ADA

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Mr. Klein is terrific.


Great Presentation

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Good to hear effective settlement strategies.

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Excellent presentation. Speaker very effective in discussing the subjective matter.

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Good course. Klein was concise and delivered a very usable summary of the subject.

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I was extremely impressed--I didn't think it would relate to the type of work I do and I was wrong. I would like to learn more. Very good.

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Very well presented in an area of the law that is not often visited by the general practice lawyer

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Excellent summary

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very informative!

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As my wife is confined to a wheelchair, I found this to be quite informative. Well presented.

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very good basics of ADA and defending suits

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Any attorney considering handling an ADA claim should watch this presentation. Well done;

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Good CLE

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This presentation was excellent.

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By far one of the best seminars yet.

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One of the most interesting and informative Lawline presentations I have seen. This one really held my attention. I really appreciated the introduction and conclusion. I knew what I was going to learn and Mr. Nolan wrapped it up quite well.

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Excellent presentation.

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Very helpful and informative even for plaintiff's attorney

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Mr. Klein is an excellent instructor. Classes always of the highest grade.

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very informative. speaker was excellent

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very informative and useful course

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good speaker - well organized.

David B. M.
Orlando, FL

Very insightful presentation of an issue not well understood, soemtimes even by lawyers representing claimants in these cases. I particularly appreciated the revaleation that not all "service dogs" necessarily have protection under ADA.

Peter A.
Hazlet, NJ

Well presented and informative, especially helpful to see these issues from a Defense perspective.

Joseph L.
Casselberry, FL

Very good, informative, covered the important stuff.