Litigating a Child Sex Abuse Case

Production Date: October 22, 2015 Practice Areas: Criminal Law and Litigation Estimated Length: 3723 minutes


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This course examines issues involved in litigating a child sex abuse case. Attorney Amy Marion focuses on child sex abuse syndromes and the treatment of the admissibility of child abuse syndrome testimony by courts all over the country. She helps develop tools on how to attack this evidence when introduced in court and techniques for litigating these cases before trial. Issues related to the interviewing of child witnesses, the national guidelines regarding the interviewing of child witnesses, suggestiveness and memory (as related to litigating these cases), and sample questions for the interviewer as well as for the child abuse expert are also addressed.  


Learning Objectives:

I.     Develop the tools necessary to litigate a child sex abuse case

II.    Understand the scientific research involved in child abuse litigation

III.   Recognize various Courts’ treatment and guidelines for the admissibility of child abuse syndrome testimony

IV.   Appreciate what a forensic interview is, how to examine a forensic interviewer, and the National Guidelines 

V.    Identify the issues related to child witnesses, issues of suggestiveness, and issues related to memory

Caroline H.
Elgin, IL

Great material. Gave me more confidence to continue my fight. My client is innocent.

Marshall L. E.
Farmville, VA

Excellent Presentation on a difficult area of the law

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Virginia Beach, VA

Very Helpful and informative!

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Speaker was very good.

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Henderson, NV

This instructor provided outstanding insights into the concept of veracity pertaining to child abuse investigations. Excellent lecture.

Rachel E.
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very good

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Excellent. More Amy Marion, please.

John T.
Roslyn Heights, NY

Very informative.

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very good information

mark s.
Ft Worth, TX

Best cle so far

William H.
Wilmette, IL

Instructor was excellent!

Tim B.
Park Ridge, IL

very well done-counsel is obviously very experienced in this area

Constance H.
Penfield, NY

Outstanding and very interesting presentation by a very knowledgeable presenter who presents the material in a very interesting manner.

Paul K.
Huntsville, AL

Lecturer did an excellent job.

Martin D.
Rolling Meadows, LB

Very clear and forceful presentation.

Arthur G.
Brooklyn, NY

Ms. Marion spoke clearly and presented well.

Edith Evevon S.
Austin, TX

She had some good tips, i.e., attacking the adults around the child victim, rather than the child.

Mary Ellen f.
Nutley, NJ

Great Lecture and Speaker

Mike D.
Lawndale, CA

It would be great to make this a two hour course.

Charles S.
Arlington, VA

Very good descriptions.

Frank R.
Houston, TX

Great! Would have loved to hear more about Texas law.

Queens, NY

As usual, Amy presents well and covers the what's necessary given the time constraints. Good job!

Carlos S.
Falls Church, VA

One of the best I have seen.

James E W.
bullard, TX


Karen Y.
Bothell, WA

Great speaker - clearly passionate about her chosen area of law.

Denise D.
Tamarac, FL

It was a little different than what I expected but very informative.

Nikki K.
Arlington, VA

great speaker- good detail. subject needs more time!!!

Lynn K.
Rockville, VA

Fantastic speaker. I plan to see if she has presented any other seminars on lawline.

David P.
Duck, NC

Very interesting from a defense perspective. I would like to see a program on the prosecution of such claims.

Kimberly H.
Glen Allen, VA

Great analysis of a challenging issue.

Stacey-Rae S.
Saint Petersburg, FL

prosecuted these cases in a past life and learned a lot from the defense side in this CLE.

Napha T.
Saint Paul, MN

Difficult topic, but great course... thank you!

Carissa M.
Arlington, VA

This was one of the most interesting courses I have viewed and far exceeded my expectations.