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Life is Too Short for Incivility: Professionalism Ethics for Attorneys

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Produced on June 26, 2020

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Time 1h
Difficulty Beginner

Course Description

The image of the lawyer as an unscrupulous, aggressive, and unmannered professional is hardwired into our culture, but that doesn’t mean we should carry it into our practice. Incivility among attorneys is a cause (and perhaps an effect) of attorney burnout and job dissatisfaction, not to mention the image of the profession held by many non-lawyers. How can we change behavior that is considered by some to be the hallmark of the “zealous attorney”? The ABA Model Rules and Utah’s rules of civility are a good starting point for revisiting the way you practice law, including how to respond to unreasonable demands from opposing counsel who may not have considered their own civility obligations. 

In this program, Joseph Jardine, a criminal defense and personal injury attorney in Utah, will examine “codified common courtesy” and how it can help reshape the practice of law. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss common scenarios that lead to incivility
  2. Be zealous and courteous at the same time
  3. Respond to uncivil attorneys with professionalism and ease

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Joseph Jardine

Jardine Law Offices

After receiving his B.A. from Brigham Young University, Joseph Jardine studied at the University of Idaho’s College of Law, graduating with his juris doctor degree and quickly passing bar exams in both Idaho and Utah. With over 100 jury trials on his resume, Joseph possesses the knowledge and experience only gleaned through years spent in the trenches of litigation.  He has handled cases from the run of the mill, to cases with national exposure.

Joseph founded the Jardine Law Offices in 2001. His practice has focused on both criminal and civil litigation.  He finds that practicing both criminal and PI gives him a unique perspective when it comes to the courtroom.   Joseph received the Distinguished Service Award from the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, he has also been recognized in the following publications: Legal Leaders, Top 40 Under 40 2012, AVVO Top Attorneys 2016-2020.


Jeremy W.

Great tone

Sharon A.

Helpful advice

Mark S.

Mr. Jardine did an excellent job with the topic.

Jorge d.


Brenton M.

Great CLE.


This was helpful because it gave clear examples of uncivil behavior that I have endured from opposing counsel and it affirms that I was the target and not the cause.

Gary M.

Excellent program

Melissa P.

This has been one of my favorite CLE programs over the years. Thank you!

Aviva H.

Really engaging lecture

Stephanie A.

Good class, but very basic.

Joan C.

I liked the anecdotes - it made the program more enjoyable.

Mark R.

Excellent course. If only all attorneys were required to view and act accordingly.

Patrick J.

The criminal practice experience enhanced this helpful presentation!

Richard B.

Excellent content and well worth watching

Morton N.

excellent and inspiring

Mia V.

Very good. Thank you!

Mathew H.

Excellent. Makes me wish I was practice law in Utah more often.

MIchael G.

Excellent moderator. Very well done, and his presentation is great.

Tracy S.

I appreciated having access to this via phone

James K.

Excellent offering on a very important practical and real issue.

Edward M.

Interesting presentation

James L.

Good Stuff!

Mark Z.

enjoyed the course. very effective and sincere speaker

Deborah T.

I've been in practice 26 years. My experience has been I get far better plea offers for my clients because I make an effort to get along with the prosecutors. This is something all newly admitted attorneys need to learn.

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