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Life Insurance: Fundamentals, Fraud, and Litigation Trends


Created on May 19, 2020



This course, taught by Sari Gabay, Esq., of Gabay & Bowler, will describe the key players and terms in a life insurance contract and provide an understanding of the "insurable interest" requirement and the "incontestability period."  The course will also review types of life insurance fraud and sample cases of interest. Other topics to be covered include exploring what happens when an ex-spouse is named as a beneficiary under a life insurance policy, and recent lawsuits against a life insurance company over contractual issues involving payments of commissions to insurance agents and brokers. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review how life insurance and key terms in a life insurance contract
  2. Analyze types of insurance fraud and common life insurance schemes
  3. Explore recent litigation that involves life insurance policies

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