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LGBTQ Family Formation: Cultural Competency & Rights in Reproduction

1h 32m

Created on October 29, 2021





This program starts with an overview of how to be culturally competent when representing LGBTQ clients as applicable to the area of family formation law. The program then delves into the history of LGBTQ families and the hurdles encountered historically in having and building families. Finally, the program brings us up to the present issues still facing LGBTQ families in the area of family formation and where we might be headed in the future. 

In this program, you will learn cultural competency as well as historically the issues confronting LGBTQ families in family and family-building law including the area of reproductive rights. The program then will cover present-day issues that LGBTQ families still confront and that lawyers need to recognize in best protecting and safeguarding LGBTQ clients.

This program will benefit family law attorneys seeking to build their competence with LGBTQ+ clients.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Use appropriate language with LGBTQ clients and ensure a welcoming law office

  2. Review historical issues confronting LGBTQ clients in the areas of family law and reproductive rights

  3. Recognize added measures necessary to protect and safeguard LGBTQ families

  4. Utilize the law creatively in representing LGBTQ clients

  5. Advocate for continued changes and protections in the area of LGBTQ family-building

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