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Leveling The Playing Field: Addressing Gender Equity and Negotiation Strategies

1h 3m

Created on July 11, 2019





National attention has addressed the pay gap for women. Beyond that, there is an information gap, a power and understanding gap, and common perceptions of femininity that have resulted in institutional disadvantages for female attorneys, especially litigators. This program exposes nationwide statistics regarding the wage gap between female and male attorneys and pays special focus to recent academic and bar association studies addressing gender differences in the profession. The course also addresses practical ways to overcome this gender gap, including negotiation strategies and skills to foster leadership and opportunities for professional development. Taught by Russo & Toner Managing Attorney Florina Altshiler, the goal of this program is not just to raise awareness of the issue but to also offer its participants the opportunity to solve the problem.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss gender-based inequities within the legal field and how to address the inequities and level the playing field
  2. Develop a toolbox of skills, including enhanced interviewing techniques
  3. Provide guidance for salary negotiations
  4. Professionally manage office relationships
  5. Negotiate effectively during arbitration, mediation, and settlement conferences
  6. Review relevant developments in employment law for hiring considerations

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