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Let's Take This Outside (of the Courtroom): How Best to Take Advantage of the Distinctive Features of Arbitration

1h 1m

Created on November 16, 2021





Arbitration is, in many respects, different from court-based litigation. But how does this play out in terms of how counsel should represent their clients differently in arbitration than in litigation?  

This program will focus on the distinctive features of arbitration and litigation and, most particularly, on how they differ. It provides a deep dive into how litigators should adjust their practices depending upon the forum.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify distinctive features of arbitration versus litigation

  2. Navigate issues that must be addressed in arbitration that do not typically arise in litigation

  3. Prepare for effectively addressing the distinctive rules and practices in arbitration with respect to discovery and substantive motion practice

  4. Identify the important steps a lawyer must take with respect to the enforceability of arbitration awards

  5. Address the issues courts confront with respect to arbitration

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