Lessons Learned from Workplaces Making Headlines: From 'What Not To Do' To Diversity

Production Date: March 06, 2018 Practice Areas: Ethics Estimated Length: 3735 minutes


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In 2017 our national conversation about workplace cultures was shaped by myriad allegations of harassment against household name personalities. While the salacious details have kept social media buzzing, the allegations and responses have also been the impetus for workplace change that goes well beyond a tightening of anti-harassment and discrimination policies. Rather, employer prevention efforts are now being coupled with diversity and inclusion initiatives to create workplaces that are hospitable and nurturing to all employees.

This course, taught by Kelly Ann Bird, a Director in the Employment & Labor Law Department of Gibbons P.C., considers what diversity and inclusion is, examines how our federal and state Equal Employment Opportunity and related laws can provide support for workplace diversity and inclusion practices, and provides practical ideas on fostering diversity and inclusion in workplaces of all sizes and industries.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Evaluate the impact of the national conversation on harassment to workplace culture and change
  2. Identify the difference between anti-harassment and discrimination mandates and diversity and inclusion
  3. Grasp the necessity for a workplace culture that has zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment and fosters diversity and inclusion
  4. Discuss how Equal Employment Opportunity and related laws on the federal and state level help mold our diversity and inclusion practices
  5. Foster diversity and inclusion in your workplace
Perry L.
Philadelphia, PA

very current

G. Christine P.
Minneapolis, MN

She was FABULOUS! And what an interesting topic! "Ripped from the headlines" stuff is always more engaging, but I know we need the basics reinforced, too. Thank you. She was great!

Shaun J.
Golden Valley, MN

Fantastic course!

Dennis G.
Carlton, MN

I enjoyed this course. Very helpful and relevant for our times.