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Legal Ethics During the Covid-19 Crisis: Protecting Yourself & Your Client

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Produced on April 20, 2020

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Course Information

Time 60 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

No one knows what the legal profession will look like after this pandemic, but there will be changes. Many of the changes, such as working from home, have already become the new status quo. One thing that won’t change is the lawyer’s obligation to put the client’s interest first. 

During the pandemic, if your health or other personal needs trump your practice of law, you may ignore or mishandle a client’s matter - and the disciplinary authorities won’t care how it happened. In this program, taught by former Ethics Committee chair and legal ethics attorney Marc Garfinkle, attorneys will learn how to protect clients by protecting themselves, and how to protect themselves by protecting their clients.  

What would happen if you were to suddenly become ill? Would your client’s matters all be protected? What would happen if your client, or several of them, suddenly get ill or incompetent? Do you know how you would proceed in their best interests? Concerned that your home-based WiFi or cloud-based network may have insufficient security for your clients? You should find out. This course will help attorneys anticipate some worst-case scenarios, get ahead of them, and implement a simple disaster plan to ensure that your clients and your practice will be protected.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the major ethical issues facing attorneys during the pandemic
  2. Discuss what to do if you or your clients suddenly become incapacitated
  3. Implement a disaster plan to protect your clients, your license, and your practice 

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Marc Garfinkle

Marc D. Garfinkle

A solo since passing the bar in 1978, Marc Garfinkle is an attorney whose practice is limited to legal ethics and discipline, judicial conduct and bar admission. He is also the author of several short books for new attorneys, including $olo Contendere: How to Go Directly from Law School into the Practice of Law without Getting a Job (3d ed.,©2010, 2019, Solo Contendere Press).

A nationally-acclaimed speaker, Marc has addressed the Solo Practice and New Lawyers divisions of state bar associations from coast to coast, and regularly offers CLE programs for state bars, bar associations, Inns of Court and others.

A former Ethics Committee investigator and Committee Chair, he is a regular contributor to the New Jersey Law Journal, having published approximately fifty ethics-related columns there. He is also frequently quoted in electronic and print media on matters of legal ethics. Marc also teaches Persuasion and Advocacy at Seton Hall University Law School, and and is the Public Defender in the Township of Livingston.


Lindsey M.

Excellent presentation. Thank you!

Catherine H.

thanks very much, good presenter with a nice style for this subject matter, I liked his comment about colleagues vs. competitors in the legal profession, thanks again

James L.

Very good.

Kathy P.

This was a great CLE and Mr. Garfinkle is very likable.


The presentation was timely, helpful and interesting. Beyond that the speaker is delightful to listen to.

janine s.

I was hoping for some practical advise as to to virtualize; court conferences and depositions but the course was still helpful and the speaker was very good.

Jaime Alejandro T.

Somewhat more directed to attorneys having individuals as clients, rather than companies, but nevertheless valuable and applicable to my practice. Thank you.

Sandra A.

This was among the better presentations. Timely and relevant.

Henry R.

Garfinkle is by far the BEST lecturer you have. Thank you for providing him. HE is the reason I will keep coming back to LAWLINE for all my multi-jurisdictional CLE needs. Please...ask him to do more lectures!

Jenn H.

Great Presentation. Great Speaker.

Marie Y.

Particularly refreshing course on ethics.


This professor is awesome. Insightful and funny.

Leonora S.

Easily digestible information. Very informative

Elizabeth M.

excellent ideas for protection of clients

Andrew A.

Excellent Presentation!

Pamella M.

Excellent suggestions and guidance for the unique challenges ahead!

Alexander S.

Great presentation and take away

Diana K.

Thought the course was great. However, I am in house counsel, so some of the information was not relevant. But as an attorney, I should be knowledgeably on this content.

Kristin H.

I really enjoyed how the speaker ended the classes. I think a lot of attorneys have forgotten their opposing counsel is a person as well. It was nice to hear there are still attorneys out there who remember this.

Richard S. N.

great presentation - enjoyable as well as infformative

Virginia T.

Great information on handling client's best interests

Jill A.

This guy is great. He hooked me from the start, when he said he had a face for radio! He must be a terrific trial attorney.

Opal B.

I liked the instructor very much, appreciated his positive message and words of wisdom and comfort at the end, and enjoyed the course.

Nicole P.

Mr. Garfunkle was wonderful! Timely and practical information.

pamela c.

Thank you!

Annette B.

Well done.

Amanda L.

I really enjoyed this one, thank you!

Rosemary B.

Loved his cooperative attitude. We seem to have lost that in the practice with many attorneys.

Catherine D.

The instructor/lawyer is very nice and knowledgable. Thank you.

Linda Z.

Sage wisdom for times like these and always, really. All attorneys should have disaster management plans and the presenter offers a beautiful perspective on how to regard other attorneys.

Michael F.

excellent presentation

Mike H.

Excellent teacher!

Richard C.

Very good course

Ralph C. L.

i enjoyed the presenter !

Erin D.

Very helpful points to think about during this new and stressful times for attorneys.

Laura C.

I like this guy.

Torger D.

Good course and relevant to the effects COVID has on our ethics obligations.

Amy K.

very timely and informative

Donna S.

Very informative and gave useful information.

Peter C.

Thank you!

Kevin F.

High quality from a presenter who cares about lawyers and the subject matter!

Neely M.

this was a great class and Mr. Garfinkel is a great instructor. Thanks!

Lawrence C.

Very timely, relevant and well presented!

Nicole C.

These were really helpful discussions and he is a knowledgeable and personable presenter.

Walter N.

Timely presentation

Brittney B.

This course was very helpful!

susan j.

He did an excellent job. And he has a great demeanor. He made very good points at the end. I enjoyed this course.

Heather W.

This is probably the best CLE I have ever taken.

Ferdinando ("Fred") P.

Very Informative


Be well, stay safe!!

Michael C.


Barbara E.

Take this course! Excellent presenter.

Alexandra D.

The presenter spoke very well, the presentation was informative. Any question that I had beforehand was answered in a comprehensive way that I did not need to ask a question during the presentation. Very well done!

Patricia D.

Great presenter, funny and informative!

Dawn L.

Very informative!

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