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Legal, Ethical and Practical Issues for Vaccine Credentials and Verification for Workplaces


Created on August 10, 2021





The deployment of the current COVID-19 vaccinations has undoubtedly had a significant and salutary impact on the pandemic. The CDC's guidance in May lifting many of the restrictions for fully vaccinated individuals has compelled many workplaces to consider adopting vaccination programs as a means to promote the health and welfare of their employees as well as the beneficial public health impact of widespread vaccination. But both mandatory and voluntary vaccination raises significant legal and ethical concerns, particularly as those concerns relate to the workplace. In addition, vaccination programs depend upon verification and proof of vaccination, which implicate regulatory concerns. Vaccine credentials – or "Passports" – are increasingly becoming subject to regulation, particularly at the state level.

This course, presented by Jen Rubin, Lara Compton, and Bridgette Keller of Mintz will review these issues and also provide and discuss applicable forms that practitioners will need to use to achieve their objectives.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the architecture of a workplace vaccination program

  2. Identify appropriate vaccine verifications to support that program

  3. Explore vaccine "credentials" and how such credentials could be implemented generally

  4. Provide practical guidance for practitioners about advising clients as to the regulatory framework for vaccination programs, including considerations for the healthcare, retail, and other industries

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