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Law Enforcement Liability Under Section 1983: Critical Steps for the Trial Lawyer

1h 31m

Created on April 11, 2019




Whether you are on the plaintiff's or the defense side, you must engage in critical decision making through the life of a Section 1983 case (and any case for that matter). Presenter Wayne Beyer, who is a  litigator, author, presenter, and former administrative appeals judge, will prepare you for the challenge. This practical webinar will take you through a high exposure death case and walk you through the fifteen critical decisions you and your opponent will have to make, including:

  • Case selection for the plaintiff

  • Discovery issues and expert retention for both sides

  • Timing and contents for dispositive motions

  • Best time to talk settlement

  • Pretrial motions on evidentiary issues

  • Selection of a jury that favors your side

  • Presentation and cross-examination of key witnesses

  • Winning a closing argument

  • Qualified immunity issue to the judge and jury

  • Structure of the special verdict form

  • Post-trial motion if you need to file one

  • Fee petition for the prevailing plaintiff

  • Background materials, checklists, tips, and forms to use in your practice

Learning Objectives:
  1. Examine the critical decisions that will need to be made during a Section 1983 case
  2. Acquire the skills you need to effectively navigate many of the pre- and post-trial issues you will encounter
  3. Identify best practices for success during trial, including how to conduct jury selection, discuss settlement, examine key witnesses, and deliver your closing argument
  4. Review the various forms you will need to use during the life of the trial

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