L-Visas: Intracompany Transferees

Production Date: June 04, 2015 Practice Areas: Immigration Law Estimated Length: 3739 minutes


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Within Sports and Entertainment Immigration, there exist a variety of visa classifications that can be utilized. L classification is frequently utilized in this sector by production companies, fashion houses, hotels, and countless other entities across industries. As a result, it is unequivocally, one of the more frequently utilized classifications for executives and managers. Broken down into two primary subclasses that cater directly to these types of beneficiaries – there are others, however, which we will discuss as well – it is important for the practitioner who handles immigration, entertainment, or corporate work, to have a basic understanding of this sought after status. Understanding the fundamentals will allow the attorney to advise properly the executive who must coordinate logistics for the development of a new office; the manager who needs to oversee the development of a new division; or the individual with specialized knowledge who the company needs to train a new group of hires in the U.S. 


In this course, Michael Cataliotti, a New York City-based entertainment attorney who specializes in business immigration, entertainment transactions, and corporate governance, provides an overview of the L-visa from the parties involved with each petition and the different sub-categories to the necessary elements for a successful adjudication. 


Learning Objectives:

I.    Identify the nature of the L-visa and when it may be utilized

II.   Review the parties to every petition and some of the most common potential-client disciplines the practitioner may encounter 

III.  Understand the varied sub-categories of L-visa classification 

IV. Ascertain the fundamental elements of each petition and what makes the average petition stronger 


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