King v. Burwell: SCOTUScare & Beyond

Production Date: August 14, 2015 Practice Areas: Constitutional Law and Health Care Law Estimated Length: 3635 minutes


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On June 25, 2015, the Supreme Court announced its ruling in King v. Burwell. At issue was whether individuals who purchase insurance on a federal exchange, rather than a state exchange, are legally able to receive subsidies within the language of the Affordable Care Act. In a 6-3 decision, the Court sided with the Obama administration and upheld the Internal Revenue Service’s interpretation of the law that allows all eligible individuals to receive subsidies, no matter where they live. Once again, the ACA overcame a significant legal challenge.


Although this decision maintained the status quo for individuals receiving subsidies, its implications are broad. Stuart Gerson, an established and experienced attorney and a Member of Epstein Becker Green, discusses the legal, political, and practical consequences of the case, and the future of the healthcare landscape and the ACA.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Understand the King v. Burwell decision and rationale

II.    Analyze the consequences of the majority opinion for statutory interpretation and administrative law

III.   Explore potential developments in the exchanges, Medicaid expansion, and the 2016 election 

IV.   Assess considerations for employers and healthcare stakeholders

V.    Identify future legal challenges to the ACA

Elizabeth P.
Englewood, CO

This was such an excellent cle presentation. Very good analysis of the case and the laws that will be affected by this ruling. I would like to hear more from Mr. Gerson in the future.

Vasiliki N.
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Impressive speaker - would love to listen to him again. Fascinating subject.

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Excellent Presentation

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A fascinating topic. Mr. Gerson is superb.

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Excellent presentation, with some good predictions about what was next for the ACA.

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Excellent presentation

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great content, clearly presented by brilliant lecturer

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Wilmette, IL

I have a much better understanding of why Justice Roberts voted as he did.

Alison C.
New York, NY

well presented.

Cynthia M.
Knoxville, TN

Great presentation, full of interesting insights and predictions.

William D.
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Wow! Very impressive speaker and informative program.

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Very relevant subject matter with election and Scalia death

James Christopher D.
Dallas, TX

Outstanding! Instructor is a great communicator and summarizes complex concepts succinctly.

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I want more lectures from Stuart Gerson!

Caroline P.
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Really great course!

Dominick D.

Excellent analysis

Judson L.
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Christopher N.

This was probably my favorite CLE in my seven years of being an attorney. I learned a lot and had a few of my misconceptions clarified.

Nadine C.
Annapolis, MD

The political insight was as helpful as the legal insight.

Anthony N.
New York, NY

Good discussion of contextualism in statutory review cases.

Stuart D.
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I have seen no Lawline program that surpasses this one.

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Excellent thoughtful presentation,

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Extremely knowledgeable and informative

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Excellent presenter!

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Excellent presentation. Very informative and well presented.

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I am of the opposite political persuasion, but I give the speaker credit for being even-handed and extremely candid.

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Excellent presentation.

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Like a law school professor, including bow tie. Very well done.

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Interesting analysis on very current and topical subject

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Best course Lawline course that I have taken.

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Excellent presentation! This is the best CLE that I have seen so far.

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Helpful in not just understanding the case but also the larger issues

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Actually, quite good as a cle

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Excellent presentation by Mr. Gerson.

Dennis D.
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Outstanding presentation with insight and timely comments

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Nirav P.
Birmingham, AL

High yield, concise summary of King v. Burwell and current implications moving forward in 2016, coming from a respected jurist. As a physician and NY attorney, I found this primer very useful.

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Excellent presentation!

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Great information and presentation.

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Good explanation of the ACA

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Very well laid out and well presented. This was an excellent presentation.

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Very interesting analysis of a critical SCOTUS decision. Well worth the time.

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This was excellent.

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Excellent all around.

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Excellent presentation style, comments on context made it useful and interesting

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Very clear, concise slides (particularly those addressing the constitutional reasoning in King!)