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Keystone XL Pipeline: A Legal & Regulatory Labyrinth

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Produced on: November 02, 2015

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Time 64 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

The Keystone XL Pipeline has been and continues to be a highly controversial project. Environmentalists have bitterly opposed it as contributing to global warming and proponents have supported it as bolstering the U.S. economy and energy security. Both sides have used a large number of legal tools and processes to press their cases. Nevertheless, the project has not yet been approved and is still the subject of much legal wrangling.  


In this program, Professor Sheldon L Trubatch, Esq. applies his knowledge and experience teaching about energy law and environmental issues to guide you through the legal and regulatory labyrinth as an illustration of how you can assist a client with a similarly strong desire to either support or oppose an environmentally sensitive project.


Learning Objectives:

I.    Grasp the scope of legal and regulatory tools and processes available for supporting a client’s goals in an environmental dispute

II.   Recognize how all branches of the federal and state governments can be activated to support your client’s position

III.  Gain familiarity with the intricate federal-state interfaces involved with many legal aspects of environmental issues



Sheldon Trubatch

The Regulatory Strategy Group, LLC

Sheldon Trubatch has practiced law for over thirty-five years since graduating from Columbia University School of Law. He has had a broad range of practice experiences including large law firms (partner Winston & Strawn, of counsel Sidley & Austin), corporate (Commonwealth Edison, Bechtel SAIC), government (acting solicitor, Nuclear Regulatory Commission), and dotcom start-ups (general counsel AnswerChase). 

Sheldon has successfully argued several administrative law and environmental cases in the U.S. Courts of Appeals, resolved complex federal organizational conflicts of interest matters, and negotiated multi-million dollar contracts. Prior to becoming a lawyer, he obtained a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Brandeis University and was a tenured member of the faculty at the California State University, Long Beach.

Currently, he is a faculty member at the Outreach College of the University of Arizona, where he teaches courses on energy law and art crime, and is an adjunct professor in the Rogers College of Law at the University of Arizona, where he teaches administrative law and energy law.


Marc P.

Great presentation

Jessica V.

Really enjoyed this one!

Thaddeus A.

Great info.

Suzanne V.

Excellent! I will seek out more of Mr. Trubatch's courses.

Debra B.

Excellent substantive presentation and materials.

Johanna T.

I really enjoy Sheldon's presentations.

Pamela W.

Great analysis of the issues involved in this case.

John E D.

very informative

Michael W.

Great synopsis of Keystone Pipeline morass

Jacquelyne R.

Interesting topic. Would be interested in a longer session with more details aobut various aspects of the regulatory and litigation issues facing the project.

Robert E. S.

Clear, deliberate and informative presentation.

Lois S.

Presented at the appropriate legal and technical levels. I finally understand the issues. Thank you.

Luis M.

Enjoyed it.

George E.

Very repetitive

James E.

Excellent presentation on a current important issue.

Amelia M.

Interesting and timely discussion.

Bruce B.

Good and informative course

T. Rodney O.

This was an excellent program!

Deborah W.

I enjoyed the subject matter. It was very relevant to a hot topic.

Catherine S.

Excellent! I signed up for this course after watching this presenter on two webinars earlier today. He is very knowledgeable and I enjoyed all three webinars today that he presented!

Allie R.

excellent, thorough coverage of the issue

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