Getting Difficult Deals Done

Production Date: June 24, 2014 Practice Areas: Mergers & Acquisitions Estimated Length: 3660 minutes


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This session presented by Dechert LLP antitrust partners Paul Denis, Mike Cowie, and Michael Weiner focuses on ways in which inside and outside counsel can best work with the company’s business leaders, the company’s documents and data, and government staff to overcome obstacles to difficult deals. The Federal Trade Commission and U.S. Department of Justice have developed an analytical framework to review mergers and acquisitions. This session focuses on the most contested areas of government - merger review, including the role of documents and data in analysis of efficiencies, market definition, and competitive effects.  


Learning objectives:

I. Understand deal rationale and efficiencies –Explaining the benefits of the deal in positive terms, and the role of efficiencies in challenging strategic deals

II. Recognize market definition – The role of market definition and market shares in merger analysis

III. Identify commercial realities and competitive effects –The growing importance of competitive effects analysis – looking beyond market shares


Gal G.
Queens, NY

Great Class

Westminster, CA

I loved how detailed they were and the examples helped place the materials in perspective.

Chia-Lin S.
Oakland, CA

Clear and concise. Really helpful tips on thinking through deals. Speakers have experience with great companies to share

Daniel B.
Chicago, IL

great overview of the practical aspects of an antitrust challenge to a merger.

Gbolahan E.
Baltimore, MD

Great course

David D.
Highland Park, IL

Very in-depth

Eliza D.
New York, NY

excellent presentation

Don A.
New York, NY

Impressive presentation on the realities of getting a merger or acquisition approved.

Nichon S.
Madison, MS

I would recommend the course for someone in this practice area...otherwise, it is painful to sit through just for credit!

Sarah H.
Washington, DC

Excellent program with very interesting insights from Paul Denis.

Newark, DE

All three spekers were knowledgable and were generally able to provide the information iwith clarity

Walter D.
Locust Grove, VA

Excellent program.

Robert S.
Englewood, CO

Comprehensive with good examples.

Victoria M.
Brooklyn, NY

Very good

Beverly S.
Princeton, NJ

Very informative presentation by knowledgeable and clear .speakers. I highly recommend the presentation.

Jerrold R.

Not my area, but interesting. Good part on due diigence.

Donald A.
Rochester, NY

A very good overview of the subject

Quietta B.
Columbia, SC