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Key Developments in Data Security and Breach Notification Laws, Regulations, and Guidance

1h 35m

Created on August 27, 2018




As data breaches and cybersecurity incidents rise in frequency, scale and sophistication, governments around the world are imposing more obligations in connection with data security and breach notification and consumer expectations are at an all-time high. Companies are well-advised to understand the evolving threat landscape and new legal requirements, while proactively taking steps to mitigate risk. Having handled some of the largest reported breaches in history, Hunton Andrews Kurth partner Brittany Bacon will address recent trends in data breach, including key legal developments at the state, federal and international levels, such as new state privacy and breach notification laws, the EU General Data Protection Regulation, and SEC cybersecurity guidance. In addition, this program will cover the role of management and the board in cybersecurity preparedness and response, lessons learned from recent incidents, and proactive measures that can be taken to mitigate risk.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss key developments in data security and breach notification laws, regulations and guidance
  2. Explore the role of management and the board in managing cybersecurity issues
  3. Identify lessons learned from recent incidents
  4. Discuss best practices and advanced tips for protecting your company from data breaches before they happen

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