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Keeping Your Employee Handbook Current

1h 1m

Created on September 27, 2019




An employee handbook can be incredibly valuable to a company if practical and implemented properly. An employee handbook is an opportunity for an employer to welcome employees, educate its workforce about company standards and procedures, and outline prohibited conduct. An employee handbook also provides an employer with certain legal protections. This in-depth program, presented by employment attorneys Gillian Cooper and Erik Pramshufer of Saul Ewing, will review the policies a company must include, might include, and should never include in its employee handbook. It will also review the policies that should be updated and provide practical strategies for drafting such policies.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review which handbook policies must always be included and which policies need to be updated regularly
  2. Identify which policies may be included, such as telecommuting, social media, or bring-your-own-device policies, and what to consider when deciding whether to include those policies in an employee handbook
  3. Discuss which policies should never be included in an employee handbook
  4. Examine important considerations when creating policies, and develop successful drafting strategies 

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