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Jury Selection: Using Social Science to Win at Trial

1h 31m

Created on December 29, 2020





Understanding your jurors as people first and foremost is key to humanizing your client to the jury. This program, taught by Russo & Toner LLP Partner Florina Altshiler, an experienced trial lawyer, will address key concepts in the psychology of jury selection. The course will review the social science behind selecting a jury in civil and criminal matters, helping attorneys learn to identify jurors who will be sympathetic to their case, while also establishing the rapport necessary to engage them with their narrative of events. The program offers practical guidance on voir dire tactics, including best practices in interviewing jurors, introducing the case during jury selection, and avoiding objections during the selection process. It also addresses how to effectively use peremptory challenges. In addition to strategy, the course also covers the statutes, and procedure that govern jury selection. Finally, the presenter will discuss COVID-19 implications for jury trials, court procedures, and strategy. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify principles of juror psychology and best practices for Voir Dire
  2. Develop a game plan for jury selection
  3. Review the applicable law to jury selection process and procedure
  4. Detect and eliminate bias in the jury pool
  5. Adjust jury selection strategy in light of COVID restrictions and implications 

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