Jury Selection in Illinois: Trust Your Gut. Sometimes. Well, Maybe Not.

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Produced on: May 05, 2017

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Time 60 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Jury selection can be an intimidating process. The members of the jury will decide the fate of a case that an attorney has been working on for years. While the time-honored adage, “You just never know what any jury will do on any given day” still applies, this presentation is intended to provide some insight into the process of trying to pick a jury that can be trusted.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Comprehend the nuances of Illinois Jury Selection Law
  2. Understand motions in limine regarding jury selection
  3. Review how to conduct grassroots demographic research and jury research in the age of social media – the rules to be followed, and techniques to be used

  4. Review whether you can you really learn all that you need to know from voir dire, and when to trust your instincts


Peter Naylor

Brown, Hay & Stephens, LLP

Attorney Peter Naylor focuses his practice on medical malpractice defense and general civil litigation. He practiced in the insurance defense field after graduation from law school in 2005, then spent five years in the Chicago area advocating on behalf of personal injury plaintiffs before joining Brown, Hay + Stephens in 2011. He devotes 99% of his practice to litigation and trial work, having tried dozens of cases to successful jury verdict over the years.


Charles S.

Tell Pete he did a great job!

Bonnie B.

Very knowledgeable instructor.

James C.

Presenter was knowledgeable and an engaging speaker

Lee H.

Mr. Naylor was thorough, almost beyond belief!! His preparation for jury selection and his actual work in selecting jurors is about as exhaustive an exercise as one can imagine!! I guess my question is whether, in the end, the results vary because of the time and energy devoted to selecting or deselecting jurors--like he said, the deselection really is the more important side of the equation!! And the social media stuff simply was not there when I was selecting jurors in the ancient past!!! Really makes a difference!! He gets an A+ for presentation and thoroughness in selecting a jury!!!

Summer H.

Excellent attorney, great practical advice

William T.

Good comprehensive review of issues involving jury selection in Illinois.

Brent W.

Excellent course.

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