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It's Okay, I'm Okay: Attorney Wellbeing and the Duty to Provide Competent Representation in an Age of Isolation

1h 1m

Created on May 05, 2020



Overwhelmed, anxious, and isolated in your practice? These feelings aren't unusual, even in the best of circumstances. Without intervention, they can lead to debilitating depression and loss of your ability to competently represent your clients and manage your practice.

In this program, ethics lecturer Tamar Cerafici will address why a practicing lawyer should prioritize their health and wellbeing - not only for themselves but as an ethical duty under the Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the ethical underpinnings of lawyer wellbeing initiatives in the MRPC
  2. Implement a personal wellbeing program (even if your firm has one)
  3. Identify resources to help organize your world for a remote and isolated practice
  4. Discuss how to build a lawyer well-being program at your law firm

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